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ScientiaMobile Announces WURFL.js, a Free Service for Web Developers

Feb 24th, 2014

Today, ScientiaMobile, the company behind the popular WURFL Device Description Repository has announced WURFL.js, a globally available device detection application that allows websites to improve the user experience for mobile devices. Developers will just need to add a reference to the script in their pages, and a Javascript object representing a device make, model and form factor will be made available to them.

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Jon Arne Saeteraas Appointed VP of Innovation at ScientiaMobile

Feb 24th, 2014

ScientiaMobile Inc, the company behind WURFL, the Wireless Universal Resource FiLe, has appointed mobile-web expert Jon Arne Saeteraas as VP of Innovation. Jon Arne will be responsible for the design of new tools offered to mobile web developers worldwide, both free and commercial. Prior to this, Jon Arne Sæteraas was the Head of the Products and Innovation team at Mobiletech AS and recently launched

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ScientiaMobile Releases Version 1.5.1 of its WURFL API for Mobile Device Detection

Feb 24th, 2014

Today, ScientiaMobile has released version 1.5.1 of its WURFL API.  This new release further improves matching and recognition accuracy of new devices, operating systems, and browsers while refining many of the new functionalities found in the recent WURFL 1.5 API.

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ScientiaMobile Presents Emerging Methods in Cross-Platform Mobile Development for Government Markets at MoDevGov on Feburary 26th

Feb 12th, 2014

ScientiaMobile’s COO Steve Kamerman will present “Sustainable Solutions For Function And Content Parity Across Devices” at MoDevGov, an event dedicated to designing mobile-centric services for the government market. Government agencies face challenges in accessibility, design, security and big data management. Kamerman will discuss cutting-edge techniques that can help governmental organizations improve their mobile web development initiatives, including using device detection solutions to enhance the user experience.

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ScientiaMobile releases WURFL InSight device detection for mobile device analytics

Jan 24th, 2014

December 04, 2013

ScientiaMobile today releases a new product, WURFL InSight, that addresses the need for device detection across the fast-growing field of analytics. With this data service, analysts can use WURFL tables to accurately identify mobile devices visiting their web sites or services. They can then extract those devices’ properties (features, and capabilities) from the weekly-updated WURFL tables and merge them with their own data marts. The WURFL InSight data service provides easy-to-install tables that will work off-the-shelf with analytics tools, while requiring limited support from the eternally-busy IT staff.

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ScientiaMobile Launches WURFL API 1.5 for Mobile Device Detection

Oct 4th, 2013

Reston, VA (PRWEB) October 04, 2013

ScientiaMobile, Inc., a US company offering the popular WURFL Device Detection framework, announces the availability of its WURFL API version 1.5. WURFL is a key tool for companies that optimize their content and services for mobile devices, tablets, Smart TVs and other Internet-connected devices.

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ScientiaMobile Announces New Responsive Website with Server-Side Optimization

May 15th, 2013

Reston, VA (PRWEB) March 22, 2013

ScientiaMobile, Inc., a US company offering the popular WURFL framework for the detection of mobile devices, has today announced its new company website. The new redesigned site offers a new organization of the company offering, new naming for ScientiaMobile’s portfolio of products for mobile device detection, as well as several new resources for users of WURFL.

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Meet ScientiaMobile’s executive team at CTIA

May 13th, 2013

CTIA 2013 is happening May 21-23 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. Meet with ScientiaMobile’s team and discus how we can solve your device detection problems.

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ScientiaMobile Provides MobFox with High-Performance Network Integration via WURFL InFuze For Apache

May 2nd, 2013

“With the projected growth of the mobile advertising market, we favored a more deeply integrated solution with our web server that delivered even greater performance. We were thrilled to find ScientiaMobile’s WURFL InFuze helped us achieve these goals.”

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Connect with ScientiaMobile at Mobile World Congress 2013, Barcelona, February 25-28

Feb 21st, 2013

Meet with members of ScientiaMobile’s executive team at Mobile World Congress and discuss how WURFL device detection solutions can address your Customer Service, Network Analytics, and Marketing needs.

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