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Recent Posts

Is Your User-Agent Parser for Device Detection Not Working?

Sep 8th, 2022

If you use an open-source or home-grown user-agent parser (UA Parser) to identify devices, OS, browsers, or other device information, then
we have bad news. Your accuracy is poor, and freezing user-agent strings will make it worse. Time to switch to WURFL.js.

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How Much RAM is in Smartphones?

Aug 24th, 2022

4GB is the most common amount of RAM in smartphones in 2022 Q2. The Mobile Overview Report (MOVR) provides information on most common RAM configuration of smartphones and prices. WURFL device detection can help developers analyze their own user base.

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14% of Chrome Desktop User Agent Strings Already Frozen

Aug 22nd, 2022

Google is forcing changes away from User-Agent strings to User-Agent Client Hints in the Chrome Browser. This change will impact advertising and device detection. As of 2022 Q2, 14% of Chrome Desktop User Agents Strings are already frozen. In this blog we outline the timeline for the transition to User-Agent Client Hints, progress to date, and what you need to know.

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iOS 16 Not Compatible with 11% of iPhones in Use

Aug 17th, 2022

Apple’s iOS 16 is currently in beta. This next operating system upgrade for iPhones is scheduled for 2022 Q3. However, not all iPhones will be able to upgrade. Based on the latest data in ScientiaMobile’s Mobile Overview Report, 11% (based on usage) of iPhones will not be compatible with the upgrade.

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Improve Streaming Video Quality with Device Detection Analytics

Jun 3rd, 2022

Device detection provides a critical solution for streaming video platforms and their Quality of Service (QOS) analytics. WURFL device detection enriches QOS analytics with critical device capabilities that help pinpoint problems with streaming video.

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Update: How to Populate IAB’s OpenRTB Device Object

May 26th, 2022

Learn how to use WURFL device detection to populate or pull information from the device object found in IAB’s OpenRTB specification supporting real time bidding for advertising.

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What is a Smartphone?

May 26th, 2022

WURFL has updated its smartphone definition. The new definition makes changes in the minimum display resolution and operating system version.

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Using Structured User Agent from Real Time Bidding for Device Detection

May 25th, 2022

OpenRTB has started using a structured user agent (SUA), essentially passing User-Agent Client Hints parameters. WURFL can use structured user agents for device detection.

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WURFL is Ready for User-Agent Client Hints, Google

Feb 21st, 2022

The upcoming Q1 2022 release of WURFL API will automatically accept User-Agent Client-Hints, reconcile them with the User-Agent (UA) string, and continue to identify the same accurate device profile and capabilities that customers expect from WURFL.

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Introducing User-Agent Client-Hints support in WURFL (and a Rant)

Jan 24th, 2022

WURFL introduces User-Agent Client-Hints Support.

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