OTT Video Streaming

WURFL device detection solution transforms streaming and OTT video services into device-optimized video platforms so they can:

  • Achieve higher quality experience across all device types through more effective use of high resolution screens and advanced codecs.
  • Improve analytics to monitor trends and troubleshoot device problems.
  • Achieve CDN cost savings and longer user engagement.
  • Increase the value of their advertising by offering technographic device targeting to its advertisers.
Add Device Detection to Your Hydrolix Multi-CDN Management Platform

Multi-CDN Solution

The Hydrolix data ingestion, storage, and query platform just got more powerful. With the new add-on option for ScientiaMobile’s WURFL device detection, media companies, advertisers, eCommerce, and financial companies can add detailed smartphone, tablet, and smart TV information to their data lakes.

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Transform Your OTT Video Service into a Device-Optimized Video Platform


The Video Revolution Relies on Device Information. Learn more about four ways to use device detection within your video platform.

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“Today, OTT video platforms typically treat all mobile devices as if they are created equally. In future, video quality will be determined by the device’s ability to effectively play the highest quality, most efficient video stream.”


Improve Streaming Video Quality

Device detection provides a critical solution for streaming video platforms and their Quality of Service (QOS) analytics. WURFL device detection enriches QOS analytics with critical device capabilities that help pinpoint problems with streaming video.

Identify Connected TV and OTT Streaming Devices

Device detection helps Connected TV and OTT video advertising become more targeted and effective. Both Demand Side Platforms (DSP) and Supply Side Platforms (SSP) benefit from using WURFL device capabilities.

Growing Support of HEVC or H.265

In 2022 Q2, 91% of Android smartphones supported HEVC. This is a major increase from 2018 when only 57% of Android devices had hardware-supported decode for HEVC. The most common decode support was at level 5 (4,096×2,160 @ 30.0 fps).

Springserve Improves Video Advertising

SpringServe is the leading independent video ad serving platform for over-the-top (OTT) & video publishers. SpringServe enables content producers and publishers to reliably manage their video advertising inventory across devices, including mobile phones and connected TV (CTV).

Add Device Detection To Hydrolix Multi-CDN Analytics


Hydrolix has made it easy to add WURFL's accurate and complete device detection solution to your analytics. OTT Video services with multi-CDN management can enrich their data with smartphone, tablet, and smart TV information.

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Hydrolix’s ScientiaMobile integration gives you full observability into more than 500 WURFL device capabilities, including AV1 and HEVC hardware decode capabilities on smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.