Device Detection For Advertising

Advertising on mobile smartphone, tablets, connected TV, and Smart TVs is becoming more popular and complex. Mobile ad spending in the U.S. will grow 20% to over $70 billion and will be an astounding 75% of all digital ad spend, according to eMarketer. Accurate device detection for advertising is critical to programmatic advertising operations that target ads to thousands of different device models.

Smart advertisers, Supply Side Platforms (SSP), Demand Side Platforms (DSP), Ad Networks, and Real-time Bid Exchanges (RTB) use WURFL device intelligence to target ads specific device model to improve campaign ROI. With WURFL’s device detection for advertising, more effective ad targeting allows ad networks to capture a premium price for their services.

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Basic mobile device optimization for ad networks

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High-performance device detection to populate IAB OpenRTB specification

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Advanced device detection capabilities suitable for mobile optimization, analytics, and image optimization

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