Mobile Overview Report (MOVR)

"Orthogonal has to ensure that its software works safely and effectively across the incredible array of consumer smartphones and tablets in use today. We rely on the unique data assets and insights provided by ScientaMobile's MOVR to help us keep abreast of the constant evolutions in U.S. consumer usage of mobile computing devices." -Randy Horton, VP of Solutions and Partnerships, Orthogonal

2023 Q2 Report Highlights - Release Date: Aug 4, 2023
2023 Q2 Report

Key Findings

Our short and sweet version of the MOVR, the MOVR Infographic summarizes global trends into continent-level data.

Source Data

Get to the heart of our findings by downloading our data. We offer files in CSV, JSON delimited, and JSON complete data files below.

Customized MOVR

Our mobile analysis at your fingertips. Need specific reporting or mobile insight? We can customize a complete MOVR to your specification. Ideal for consultants and data research companies.

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