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User-Agent, Client-Hints and the Future of Device Detection

Feb 21st, 2020

W3C and Google are pushing to freeze and deprecate the User-Agent string. If it happens, there will be other mechanisms like Client Hints to provide device capabilities for the purposes of better UX, analytics and bug fixing. Using WURFL is your best bet to be on top of the evolution in this space.

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WURFL Microservice for AWS: a Tutorial

Feb 20th, 2020

This tutorial on WURFL Microservice for AWS hinges on a demo inspired by the Event Streams use case. WURFL AMIs available on the AWS Marketplace can be used to deploy a WURFL API in minutes with no need to obtain an explicit license from ScientiaMobile (as it is normally the case with “classical” on-prem WURFL APIs). In this tutorial we use Java, but the use case can easily be supported with other programming languages, other cloud vendors and other data analysis platforms.

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Detect iPadOS 13

Dec 4th, 2019

Starting in 2019, the iPhone and iPod touch run on iOS, while the iPad runs a different OS called iPadOS. WURFL.js device detection distinguishes between individual Apple iPad and iPhone device models.

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iPhone 11 Launch Results Surpassing Previous Year

Nov 19th, 2019

MOVR research shows 2019 iPhone 11 models had approximately double the adoption rate compared to 2018 iPhones at same time.

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Most Popular 5G Smartphones

Sep 17th, 2019

In August of 2019, the most popular 5G smartphone was the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, with 0.03% of global smartphone usage. But 5G is still in very early stages of deployment.

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Update WURFL Device Detection API

Sep 16th, 2019

Update your WURFL device detection with API release

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Sweden’s Top Smartphones and Tablets

Aug 7th, 2019

We compared Sweden’s smartphone and tablet usage to the USA in 2019 Q2 Mobile Overview Report (MOVR). Find out more about the top devices, pricing, and age of device.

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Fortnite and Smartphone GPU

Aug 7th, 2019

The popular game, Fortnite, comes to smartphones but only to those meeting minimum, GPU, RAM, and operating system. These requirements enhance the smartphone experience, but not everyone has access to it.

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Device Fragmentation Growing 20% Per Year

Jun 19th, 2019

Device fragmentation is the expanding diversification of devices of accessing the Internet, including smartphones, operating systems, and screen sizes; a rising concern for Web and App developers.

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Faster Real Estate Website Speed Using Image Optimization

May 21st, 2019

Using an image optimizing CDN like ImageEngine by ScientiaMobile, real estate websites loaded an average of 3.6 seconds faster. This is estimated to dramatically reduce the bounce rate from 53% to 11%.

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