• Become a Partner

    We can help you succeed by providing solutions driven by ScientiaMobile's device intelligence. Whether you are advising your clients and customers on mobile optimization, image optimization, or analytics, our partner programs will provide you with the support and tools you need.

  • Decrease Image Payload, Increase Speed

    Automatically resize and crop your images based on mobile device’s size and capabilities. ImageEngine simplifies resizing, decreases payload by up to 60%, and scales to meet your Web usage needs.

  • High Performance for Microsoft IIS

    Inject WURFL InFuze into your network via Microsoft IIS. Device capabilities become available to all .NET applications on the network. WURFL InFuze also available for Apache, NGINX, Node.js, Varnish Cache, and Lighttpd.

  • Client-Side, Meet Server-Side Detection

    WURFL.js Business Edition provides front-end developers with an easy-to-use device detection solution. Optimize for mobile devices and track the success of your website using javascript that accesses our cloud-based Device Description Repository.

  • Red Herring Selects ScientiaMobile

    Red Herring has selected ScientiaMobile as a winner of its Top 100 North America 2015 award, recognizing the leading private startup companies for their innovations and technologies.

  • Analyze your web traffic with WURFL InSight

    Can you see what devices are using your web site? Analysts can use their existing query tools to enrich web logs with device capabilities using the WURFL InSight service.

  • Discover a Device Detection Solution

    How much control and performance do you need from your device detection solution? With our flexible array of WURFL products, you can find a device detection solution to fit your needs.

  • The Leader in Device Detection

    ScientiaMobile provides device detection solutions that identify every device’s capabilities. Leverage the knowledge of smartphones, tablets, and Smart TV features to deliver great cross-device web experiences.


Access our always-updated, highly-available WURFL Cloud service. Our Cloud client is easy to install and most languages are supported. The WURFL Cloud can scale as your device detection needs grow.

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Locally install our highly-scalable WURFL OnSite. Developers who need control and flexibility can integrate WURFL Onsite with their website or OEM software.

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Take device detection to the next level. WURFL InFuze is a set of separate products based on a high-speed C++ API. WURFL InFuze modules for NGINX or Apache expose WURFL device capabilities to web servers and applications running on them. WURFL InFuze for Varnish Cache is also part of the WURFL InFuze product family.

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Analyze your web traffic with WURFL InSight. Our service supplies up-to-date tables about devices and their capabilities. WURFL InSight's tables are designed so analysts can easily use of-the-shelf tools to run mobile analytics with limited involvement from their IT departments.

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WURFL Features

Open Architecture and Extensibility

WURFL’s Device Description Repository (DDR) is an open framework. ScientiaMobile is committed to maintaining and enriching the WURFL data and logic to address the evolution of devices. However, when developers have specific business needs, they can modify and extend WURFL. This flexibility is also reflected in our commercial licensing terms, where we provide you many options to fit your needs and budget.

Accurate and Timely Data

New devices are released at an ever increasing pace. ScientiaMobile has a 10-year history of tracking these and providing frequent, accurate updates to our customers. With our WURFL products, you can be assured you are getting the latest, most accurate device detection.

Multi-Platform APIs

WURFL supports APIs for all major platforms. Whether you are on PHP, Java, .NET or C++, ScientiaMobile has a product that will work. And our high-performance WURFL InFuze also has support for Apache, NGINX, and Varnish. Support for other popular languages such as Python, Ruby, Node.js and Perl is provided through our WURFL Cloud offering.