ScientiaMobile Launches WURFL API 1.5 for Mobile Device Detection

ScientiaMobile Launches WURFL API 1.5 for Mobile Device Detection

ScientiaMobile Launches WURFL API 1.5 for Mobile Device Detection

Popular WURFL Device Description Repository (DDR) Now available with New Improved API

Reston, VA (PRWEB) October 04, 2013

ScientiaMobile, Inc., a US company offering the popular WURFL Device Detection framework, announces the availability of its WURFL API version 1.5. WURFL is a key tool for companies that optimize their content and services for mobile devices, tablets, Smart TVs and other Internet-connected devices. In addition, analytics, reporting and online advertising benefit from addressing the mobile dimension in their respective fields. API 1.5 introduces important new features and enhancements over previous versions of the API, both in terms of memory footprint and added functionalities.

WURFL API 1.5 is available as part of the WURFL OnSite product suite and it offers support for the Java, PHP and ASP.NET platforms, in addition to the popular DB API, geared at enterprises that prefer to maintain their data in an RDBMS.

ScientiaMobile is also releasing version 1.5 of its WURFL InFuze Product Suite, which includes its C/C++ API and modules for Apache, NGINX and the Varnish Cache content proxy. This API is designed for customers who need WURFL device detection integrated at the network level or with exceptional performance requirements.

The new API introduces two important enhancements to the WURFL framework:

  • Capability filtering enables users to select the device properties that matter to their applications through API configuration. This will yield significant savings in terms of memory footprint.
  • Virtual Capabilities are a new set of predefined functions that behave very similarly to regular capabilities, but can provide more value thanks to the analysis of other HTTP headers. Built-in virtual capabilities include: is_smartphone, is_robot, is_app and fine grained information about OS, browser and the respective versions for desktop web browsers.

In addition to these new features, more logic has been added to improve detection of new classes of HTTP clients.

“The WURFL API is the de-facto standard way to access a Device Description Repository (DDR) for small and large companies alike.” – said Luca Passani, ScientiaMobile CTO – “In version 1.5, we have introduced some great new features. For example, developers who deploy Responsive Web Design (RWD) sites can use our new ‘is_smartphone’ virtual capability. This new function allows developers to manage clients that can render complex pages through modern client-side adaptation techniques, such as RWD, separately from legacy mobile devices that cannot handle fully-fledged web content.”

“Virtual Capabilities deliver detailed information about Operating System, browser and the respective versions in the case of desktop web browsers and other devices” – said Steve Kamerman, ScientiaMobile’s COO. “Customers who rely on WURFL for data analysis and reporting welcome this change. For these tasks, the WURFL API is now a one-stop shop”.

“We have used the WURFL API for years. Version 1.5 of the WURFL API adds better detection of the latest mobile browsers, as well as better detection of crawlers, spiders, bots and the like. This is powerful and we love that.” – said Manuel Dominguez Sarmiento, General Manager at Renxo SA, Buenos Aires, Argentina, a VAS provider for mobile carriers in Latin America.

“Keeping on top of the evolution of the device and browser market is not a simple task. The WURFL API has always consistently delivered what it promised. API 1.5 is not an exception. We are very pleased with it.” – said Gianluca Polegri, Director of Engineering’s Broadband Media Services, Rome, Italy.

The WURFL API can be downloaded for evaluation from the ScientiaMobile website.

About WURFL™
WURFL, the Wireless Universal Resource FiLe, is a popular framework to solve the so-called “Device Fragmentation” problem for mobile web developers and other stakeholders in the mobile ecosystem. WURFL has been and still is the de-facto standard Device Description Repository (DDR) adopted by mobile developers.
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