MOVR For 4Q 2014 Is Available!

MOVR For 4Q 2014 Is Available!

The latest trends in smartphone and tablet usage trends, plus a spotlight on Poland

by Ken Jones, Marketing

The latest MOVR is available, covering mobile device usage around the world for September – December 2014. This continues on the success of our 3Q 2014 where we had over 50,000 download.

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MOVR Q4 2014 Highlights

  • Tablets are almost equally likely to be used in landscape as they are in portrait.
  • Apple continues to grow its smartphone share in N. America and Asia, reaching 50% and 21% respectively
  • In N. America, the iPhone 6 reached 6.5% of all smartphone hits after only one quarter.
  • The consensus of opinion on a small set of smartphones is striking. Across 6 continents’ top 10 lists (and a potential of 60 different phones), only 18 smartphones make the 4Q 2014 list – even shorter than 3Q.
  • The Moto G is still a blockbuster success in S. America at 11% share, but Apple’s iPhone 5 and 5S are gaining share quickly.
  • The iPhone 5 and 5S are growing quickly in Asia.
  • Globally, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have achieved 14% and 4% of iPhone traffic respectively by the end of 2014. It seems that iPhone 5 users have been the most likely to upgrade to these new phones. This trend is even more pronounced in N. America.
  • Like smartphones, the consensus on a few top tablet models is clear, with only 16 tablets in 4Q.
  • Likewise, Apple’s tablet share is growing in Asia and S. America, adding 16% and 18% respectively.
  • Apple’s iPad Mini is the most popular tablet in Asia (15%), but to date, the newer iPad Mini 2 has not appeared on the top 10 list.
  • The new iPad Air 2 has not appeared on the top 10 tablet list yet.
  • Android is the largest smartphone OS with 64% globally. Release 4.4 has grown significantly to become the most popular Android release – reaching 47% of Android hits.
  • iOS holds 26% of smartphone hits.
  • iOS 8.1 has quickly gained ground, with 55% of iOS hits by the end of Q4.
  • Proxy browsers are effective tools for minimizing bandwidth usage. Only 5% of browser hits are from proxy browser.  Most of these come from Africa, where Opera Mini and Opera Turbo generate most of the proxy browser hits.

Poland Spotlight

  • We put our spotlight on Poland this quarter. Relative to N. America, Polish tablet usage is high, generating 47% of all mobile device hits.
  • Relative to N. America where blockbuster smartphones from Samsung and Apple dominate the market, Poland has a fairly distributed smartphone market. Samsung leads with 28%, but Apple, Sony, Nokia, and LG all have over 10% shares.
  • The leading smartphone is the Samsung SIII, but it has only 4% of hits. This is small compared to N. America, where the top smartphone (iPhone 5S) generates 15%.
  • In terms of hourly usage, Polish tablet usage is different than most countries, with two peaks – one at 17:00 and another at 21:00. Typically, we see peak hours later in the day around 21:00.
  • Using MNO detection, we can see that mobile broadband is commonly used on desktops (10% of hits) and tablets (24%)
  • When looking and individual mobile operators in Poland, we see than Apple devices make up a much larger proportion (32%) of T-Mobile’s traffic, compared to other Polish operators.