MOVR – Mobile Overview Report

The MOVR (Mobile Overview Report) provides timely data about device usage trends - focusing on smartphone, tablet and feature phone usage - drawn from a sample of our internal data sources averaging over 1 billion hits per month.

2016 Q1 MOVR Highlights

  • Are over-sized images slowing down the Web? Does optimizing images for mobile devices improve Web performance?
  • Mobilegeddon revisited: How are the top 10,000 sites becoming mobile friendly?
  • How many viewport dimensions?! We analyze how many viewports dimensions it takes to cover 90% of mobile traffic.
  • Proxy Browsers like Opera Mini a provide better user experience when bandwidth is scarce.
  • How old is that iPad? How age impacts the chip speed of iPhone and iPad users.
  • Facebook’s embedded browser. How App Webviews are changing the mobile Web.
  • The incredible growing screen! How screen sizes have grown over the last year.
  • The United States of Smartphones. Trends of OS and Manufacturers by state.
  • We are now offering MOVR Visualization tools.  Once you register, you can see charts of weekly updates of the MOVR data.  Set the date range, select among manufacturer, form factor, and device information, and display the chart you want.

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Creative Commons cc-by-nc-sa

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