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Responsive Images Specification and Real-World Scenarios

By Jon Arne Sæterås The real problem is not whether machines think, but whether men do. B. F. Skinner Finally the long awaited Responsive Images specification (respimg) is making its way into browsers. Briefly summarized, the Responsive Images specification introduces two new attributes to the img element, sizes and srcset, and a brand new <picture> element. The Responsive Images Community Group (RICG) has outlined 9 different use cases that the new method for displaying images on the web should address. Seen from web developers’ and content editors’ perspectives it makes sense to combine these 9 use cases into 2 scenarios. Jason Grigsby did exactly that […]


Angular Image Resize: Now Easy with ImageEngine’s Angularjs Module

Angular Image Resizing

    By Luca Corbo, Senior Engineer @ScientiaMobile   ScientiaMobile has introduced the ImageEngine, a service that combine WURFL’s device detection, image resizing, and Content Delivery Network (CDN) all in a seamless service. ImageEngine makes it easy for front-end designers to access our image resizing service using the <img/> HTML tag code.  Having become familiar with Angular.js (and having become one of its biggest admirers in the process), I immediately started playing with the idea of marrying the power of ImageEngine with the elegance of Angular.  A few hours later, I came up with the solution that I am happy to […]


ScientiaMobile Offers WURFL Image Tailor for Easy to Use Mobile Image Resizing


WIT service for front-end Web developers automatically detects mobile devices and resizes images for optimal web site performance   Today, ScientiaMobile, the company behind the popular WURFL Device Description Repository, has launched WURFL Image Tailor (WIT), Community Edition. This service is designed for front-end Web developers who want an easy, fast, and reliable way to resize images based on the type of device accessing their web sites. This highly available cloud-based service is offered to the community of web developers without charge. Large pictures on websites frequently cause slow loading on mobile devices with limited bandwidth from mobile operators. Slow […]

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