Advertising: Accurate, Fast Device Detection for Programmatic Ads

Advertisers use WURFL’s fast and accurate Device Detection to target content, ensure mobile optimization, and improve programmatic advertising ROI

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It is a mobile-first world. Consumers spend more time the Web using mobile devices than desktops. In 2016, the mobile programmatic advertising spending grew 45% to $46 billion in the USA alone (eMarketer).  And just by adding device information, you can improve eCPM by 29%.

Smart advertisers, Supply Side Platforms (SSP), Demand Side Platforms (DSP), Ad Networks, and Real-time Bid Exchanges (RTB) use WURFL device intelligence to target content to specific mobile devices and increase their programmatic advertising ROI. With more effective mobile ads via WURFL, ad networks capture a premium price for their services.

Device Detection in the Advertising Value Chain

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  • WURFL InFuze
  • Server-level integration modules
  • Standard advertising WURFL Capabilities
  • ImageEngine image resizing, optimization
  • Enterprise support


  • Includes Standard features plus:
  • WURFL Microservice for Docker
  • MSRP Prices and Progressive Web App
  • iPhone/iPad model detection accuracy
  • Architecture and integration services
  • Country-level Mobile Overview Report (MOVR)


Advertising Content

Advertisers and DSPs want to show their ads to people most likely to buy their products. Many advertisers have identified types of mobile devices and other “technographic KPIs” to identify these users. WURFL Device Intelligence can identify users’ device in real-time so programmatic advertising can be tailored and shown only to specific users.

For example, now advertisers and DSPs can profile and target an audience member’s buying power and willingness to pay based on his or her smartphone prices (Manufactured Suggested Retail Price – MSRP).


Mobile Advertising Optimization

Effectively delivering rich media advertisements to mobile devices is challenging. For advertising to work on mobile devices, ad servers and SSPs must know several things about the device and its capabilities. For example, ad servers need to be aware of a device’s form factor (e.g. smartphone, feature phone, tablet) and screen dimensions. Likewise, the OS, browser, and media-rendering capabilities of these devices impact the ability to effectively view rich media.

In addition, device detection solution must perform quickly. Programmatic advertisements are served quickly so that the publishers’ pages can maintain a good mobile web experience. Delays in rendering decrease customer satisfaction and result in viewers abandoning the web page.

WURFL’s accuracy and speed is unparalleled in the programmatic ad industry. WURFL accurately identifies over 40,000 device profiles and delivers them fast. That is why leaders like Undertone, Mojiva, and Google use WURFL.


Campaign Analytics and Mobile Device ROI Analysis

Finally, WURFL device intelligence integrates with analytical tools. Advertisers want detailed analysis of which mobile devices are returning the best results. With WURFL, advertisers can quickly evaluate campaign effectiveness and make adjustments mid-campaign. They can narrow their programmatic ad spend to specific devices and improve their ROI.

Device Detection Products for Mobile Advertising

  • WURFL InFuze gives DSPs, SSPs, and ad servers a high-speed API, with options to integrate WURFL device intelligence into any application running downstream. This means WURFL InFuze can support multiple applications: real-time content targeting, mobile ad optimization, and analytics.
  • WURFL Microservice for AWS:  Many Adtech companies extensively use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for their flexible and scalable server resources. AWS also provides fast, low latency infrastructure across multiple regions. Enterprises can purchase WURFL Microservice for AWS on the AWS Marketplace and quickly deploy a device detection solution that is accessible via Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, or Golang.
  • WURFL Microservice for Docker: DevOps teams at Adtech companies are managing their applications across virtual machines with containers like Docker. Adtech companies can simplify their maintenance and updates buy using the WURFL Microservice for Docker registry.  Enterprises can customize their WURFL Capabilities and access the device detection microservice via Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, or Golang.
  • WURFL.js Business Edition can identify specific models of iPhone and iPads that are critical to advertisers’ targeting and segmentation KPIs.
  • ImageEngine instantly recognizes a mobile device, resizes the advertisement image, and delivers it fast using our image CDN. The result is a 60% reduction in payload and faster page loading.

ScientiaMobile serves the leaders of many segments of the mobile advertising market, including:

  • Ad Servers
  • Ad Networks
  • Demand-Side Platforms (DSP)
  • Supply-Side Platforms (SSP)
  • Real-Time Bidding Exchanges (RTB)
  • Programmatic Advertisers
  • Real-time Analytics