Handset Detection Alternative

Handset Detection Alternative

Looking for an alternative to Handset Detection which is closing in November 2020? Keep your website device-aware with the industry’s most accurate device detection solution. We have local and cloud-based device detections services to meet your needs. Enables real-time device detection for applications providing mobile optimization, advertising, and device analytics.
Weekly updates for the industry’s most accurate detection. High performance and network-level integrations are available for high-traffic sites and applications. JavaScript solutions available for easy integration and enrichment of tools like Google Analytics.

WURFL.js: Cloud-Based JavaScript Device Detection


Easy to integrate with one JavaScript snippet. Always up to date. Detect iPhone models with Basic, Standard, or Pro plans

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When inserted into your HTML, the snippet will quickly request the WURFL capabilities from ScientiaMobile’s highly-available cloud-based WURFL DDR. The WURFL results are delivered back to you, resulting in a JSON object. Based on this device intelligence, you can build code to support mobile optimization, more targeted and effective advertising and collect analytics on device capabilities.

WURFL OnSite and InFuze for High-Performance Local Installations


Integrate a device detection solution into an enterprise application that is accurate, highly-scalable and frequently-updated. Supports Java, Scala, .NET, and PHP.

Learn More About OnSite

ScientiaMobile supports WURFL OnSite APIs for Java, Scala, .NET, and PHP. These APIs are ideal for companies that wish to closely integrate with their own applications. Many customers use these APIs in highly-parallel applications that scale well by making use of multi-core CPU server architecture.



WURFL InFuze high-performance C API enables network-level device detection integrated at the proxy or sever level.

Learn More About InFuze

WURFL InFuze integrates with Apache, NGINX, NGINX Plus, Microsoft® IIS, Node.js, Varnish Cache, HAProxy, HAProxy Enterprise, and Lighttpd to serve multiple applications and load-balancers across the enterprise. WURFL InFuze also works with C, C#, C++, Python, Ruby, and Golang.