WURFL InFuze Module for HAProxy


This product integrates the WURFL InFuze API with HAProxy to support a variety of use cases, such as Mobile Web Optimization, Traffic Balancing, and Event Streams.

The WURFL HAProxy Module enables organizations to set up device-aware policies to manage and route HTTP traffic based on browser and device features.

Custom HTTP headers can be added to HTTP requests to inform web applications downstream of device properties (for example: is this request from a tablet or a SmartTV?)

Name: WURFL HAProxy
Long Name: WURFL InFuze Module for HAProxy
Supported OSes: All major Linux flavors
API Updates: Quarterly
Data Updates: Weekly
Auth Updates: No
Device capabilities: Varies based on license. Select from over 500.
# Detections: unlimited
Support: Enterprise
Documentation: https://docs.scientiamobile.com/documentation/​infuze/infuze-haproxy-module-user-guide