WURFL Cloud is simple to install and maintain. It provides developers with access to ScientiaMobile’s accurate, highly-available, cloud-based device detection service. Customers can query the WURFL device detection repository in real time to get the latest device data.

  • WURFL Cloud

Feature WURFL Cloud Lite WURFL Cloud
Capabilities 3 capabilities Additional 20 capabilities
Detections 5 thousand Base package of 5 million per month. Additional fee for each 1 million detections per month
Domains 1 IP, 1 domain 5 IPs, 3 domains
Use Case Mobile Web Optimization Mobile Web Optimization

Supports Multiple Platforms

WURFL Cloud supports a number of platforms, included Java, PHP, .NET, Ruby, Node.js, Python, and Perl. Device detection can be set up in minutes by any moderately-skilled programmer. To get started, you can refer to the Getting Started Guide or our Cloud FAQ for more details

Open Source Client

We offer an open-source version of the WURFL Cloud client so that developers can smoothly integrate device detection into their own projects. With this open and flexible approach, developers can use the easy-to-maintain WURFL Cloud solution within their own project for mobile optimization purposes.

Terms and Conditions

WURFL Cloud is an excellent tool for mobile optimization of websites. However, its license precludes its use for web analytics. A superior tool for web analytics is WURFL InSight which:

  • Provides high-performance batch processing of User-Agents strings
  • Integrates directly into many Business Intelligence (BI) tools
  • Allows¬†you analyze trends in your mobile web traffic, identify opportunities, and pinpoint problems that are impacting your mobile users