WURFL Cloud device detection is simple to use. Developers can integrate ScientiaMobile’s accurate, highly-available, always-updated, cloud-based device detection service. You can use WURFL’s real-time device intelligence for mobile optimization in your applications.

  • WURFL Cloud

Feature WURFL Cloud Lite WURFL Cloud
Capabilities 3 capabilities 23 capabilities
Detections 5 thousand Base package of 5 million per month. Additional fee for each 1 million detections per month
Domains 1 IP, 1 domain 5 IPs, 3 domains
Use Case Mobile Web Optimization Mobile Web Optimization

Get An Account and Receive our Most Popular Device Capabilities

It is easy to get up and running. Sign up for an account by clicking the buttons above. Once logged in, WURFL Cloud customers can use 23 of our most powerful WURFL device capabilities. Then, copy your API key; you will need to insert it into your client to authenticate and talk to our WURFL Cloud service.

Download The Open-Source Client for Your Platform

The following links will take you to the appropriate GitHub repository for your development environment: Java, PHP, .NET, Python, Ruby, Node.js, and Perl. We offer open-source clients so developers can smoothly integrate device detection into their own projects. With this open and flexible approach, developers can use the easy-to-maintain WURFL Cloud solution within their own project for mobile optimization purposes.

For more information on getting started, refer to the Getting Started Guide or our Cloud FAQ. Likewise, the readme included at Github for each platform provides detailed instructions and examples.

Terms and Conditions

WURFL Cloud is an excellent tool for mobile optimization of websites. However, its license precludes its use for web analytics. A superior tool for web analytics is WURFL InSight which:

  • Provides high-performance batch processing of User-Agents strings
  • Integrates directly into many Business Intelligence (BI) tools
  • Allows you analyze trends in your mobile web traffic, identify opportunities, and pinpoint problems that are impacting your mobile users