WURFL.js Business Edition: Detect iPhone and iPad Models

  • Add iPhone to Google Analytics

WURFL.js will detect iPhone, iPad, and all other device models. With a single javascript snippet, you can collect detailed device analytics, add them to Google Analytics, and optimize website behavior and advertisements in real time


$150 per month

200,000 unique users per month

Detect iPhone and iPad models

Ticketed Enterprise Support


$300 per month

2 million unique users per month

Detect iPhone and iPad models

Ticketed Enterprise Support


$500 per month

5 million unique users per month. Add 1 million unique users for $150/month

Detect iPhone and iPad models

Ticketed Enterprise Support

How it works

After establishing a WURFL.js Business Edition account, you can specify your domain within the WURFL.js snippet.  When inserted into your HTML, the snippet will quickly request the capabilities from ScientiaMobile’s highly-available cloud-based WURFL DDR. The WURFL results are delivered back to you, resulting in a JSON object. Based on this device intelligence, you can build code to support mobile optimization, more targeted and effective advertising and collect analytics on device capabilities.

Overview of Features

WURFL.js Business Edition provides all the features found in the popular WURFL.js Community Edition, plus more device capabilities intelligence and website controls and that are critical for commercial organizations.

License Type

Commercial license, SLA, & ticketed helpdesk support

Always updated device repository

Device capabilities

Domain CNAME alias

HTTPS and SSL support

Browser caching for improved performance

WURFL.js Business Edition

Yes with customer SSL certificates

Community Edition


No customer SSL certificates


Pricing scales based on the number of unique website visitors that access the WURFL.js Business Edition service each month. A visitor is considered unique for a website regardless of the number of pages that are visited on that website over a 24-hours period. Up to three domains are supported within our pricing

Detect iPhone and iPad models

We can quickly and reliably detect iPhone and iPad models – something no other device detection solution on the market can do.  Now that you can drill down to the specific iPhone or iPad model and its capabilities, you can unlock substantial value for advertising, analytics, and mobile optimization.

Commercial License

The WURFL.js Business Edition license supports different commercial use scenarios (single and multiple domains, enterprise-wide use, intranets, and OEM arrangements). ScientiaMobile can extend pricing to support non-standard commercial agreements that require additional domains (e.g. OEM). Please contact our sales for these arrangements.

Always Updated Device Description Repository

ScientiaMobile searches the internet and works with partners to quickly identify new devices, including the ability to detect iPhone and iPad. Every week, we update the cloud-based WURFL DDR which is populated with more than 57,000 devices so that you can accurately identify all devices. This means front-end developers get a zero-maintenance solution with WURFL.js Business Edition.

Device Capabilities

WURFL.js Business Edition offers more than 20 of WURFL’s most important device capabilities, including the capabilities found in its Community Edition service. Developers can use these capabilities to provide more fine-grained optimization, control, and analytics. And now that you can detect iPhones and iPads, you can integrate these capabilities with your other own demographic, usage and profitability profiles.

Service Level Agreement

WURFL.js Business Edition operates on a highly-available cloud based infrastructure that is dedicated to our commercial customers. The WURFL.js Business Edition license contains a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to address the needs of commercial users. 

CNAME Record Support

As WURFL.js Business Edition customers, you can configure the Domain Name Server (DNS) using the CNAME function to rename the WURFL.js Business Edition service to reflect your own domain/hostname. This renaming of the WURFL.js Business Edition service allows you to treat the WURFL.js service as if it was managed locally within your infrastructure. This allows for improved caching so WURFL.js cookies will not be presented as third-party cookies.

HTTPS and SSL Security Certificates

HTTPS provides a level of security and trust for users of many commercial services. WURFL.js Business Edition enables customers to upload their own SSL certificates through their customer vault. Using these certificates, WURFL.js Business Edition can use HTTPS to serve multiple domains via the CNAME alias.

Caching for Improved Performance

WURFL.js Business Edition allows clients to cache the HTTP response on the end-user’s browser to increase overall performance.

Helpdesk Support

WURFL.js Business Edition users receive the same high level of support as other ScientiaMobile commercial products. Customers can submit priority tickets through our enterprise support portal. In addition, users can post and access the responses found on the on the ScientiaMobile customer support forum.