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How to Correctly Form User-Agents for Mobile Apps

Native apps, Mobile apps, or just apps. We call them different things and we use them all the time. From a business perspective, apps complement mobile and desktop sites. They are natural extension of an online strategy. Because of this, it’s important to take the necessary steps to make sure the native apps, and their versions, are identifiable. This is critical both from an analytics perspective as well as from a devops or support perspective. Native apps have much in common with the web. Apps often use the same online resources as the web site like RESTful APIs, images or […]


Correctly Form User-Agents for Webview Apps

user agent hybrid app

Hybrid webview apps are a popular and cost efficient way to distribute online properties through app stores. A hybrid app is a native application with all the bells and whistles, but some part and sometimes even all functionality is developed using HTML, CSS ,and JavaScript and rendered by a webview component. This is why the hybrid app is also called a “webview app”. You can think of the webview component inside the app as a browser window. Inside the browser window, a webpage or web app is rendered. This page or app is communicating with a server on the internet, […]


WURFL API Release Device Detection

WURFL API release

June 29, 2017 Today, we released a major update: WURFL API release The API is a major step forward for our device detection solution, and marks some strategic product changes that users should prepare for. What’s new in WURFL API Release Added Apple TV and Roku detection Added Tizen 3.0, Epiphany, Samsung DeX, Samsung Browser User-Agents detection Improved detection of Apps and robots Improved detection of iOS, Amazon Silk Browser, Android, and CFNetwork User-Agents Stripping non-printable characters from User-Agents Support for new WURFL capabilities: jpeg_2000 and jpeg_xr Breaking Change – Decommissioning of Engine Target Options ScientiaMobile has removed […]

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