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WebRTC Support in Browsers is Growing

WebRTC is a project that provides web browsers and mobile applications with real-time communication (RTC) via simple application programming interfaces (APIs). Many browsers have added versions that support WebRTC to allows audio and video communication to work inside the web page. Increasingly, web developers are using WebRTC to provide direct peer-to-peer communications. While WebRTC has some shortcomings versus traditional VoIP communications products and services, its availability opens the potential for interesting online services.  Letting people communicate quickly while on webpage can generate a great user experience in eCommerce, customers service, or even healthcare. Is WebRTC Widely Supported But how ubiquitous is […]


Correctly Form User-Agents for Webview Apps

user agent hybrid app

Hybrid webview apps are a popular and cost efficient way to distribute online properties through app stores. A hybrid app is a native application with all the bells and whistles, but some part and sometimes even all functionality is developed using HTML, CSS ,and JavaScript and rendered by a webview component. This is why the hybrid app is also called a “webview app”. You can think of the webview component inside the app as a browser window. Inside the browser window, a webpage or web app is rendered. This page or app is communicating with a server on the internet, […]


NY Times cites WURFL analysis of Facebook’s in-App browser

NY Times Technology writer Farhad Manjoo wrote in his article: “Facebook now derives the vast majority of its revenue from mobile ads. Its sales are growing at a breathtaking clip. People now spend more time on the Facebook app than doing anything else on their phones. Facebook’s embedded web browser — which opens if you click a web link from within the Facebook app — is now used to access nearly as many web pages as the included web browsers on Android and iOS, according to a report by the research firm ScientiaMobile.” Read the entire article here. Download the 2015 […]

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