ScientiaMobile Launches Business Edition of Its Popular WURFL.js Device Detection Solution

ScientiaMobile Launches Business Edition of Its Popular WURFL.js Device Detection Solution

Javascript Version of WURFL Simplifies Device Detection for Front-End Mobile Web Developers

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ScientiaMobile has launched a business-grade version of its popular WURFL.js Community Edition device detection solution called WURFL.js Business Edition.  Web programmers can use a short javascript snippet in their HTML to access over 20 device capabilities that are supplied by ScientiaMobile’s highly responsive and reliable cloud-based Device Description Repository (DDR).

Front-end developers can use this device intelligence to instantly optimize pages, add new dimensions to web analytics, optimize user experience for different form factors, and open the way for all the traditional device-based optimizations that were previously in the domain of back-end developers exclusively.

In addition to the already rich features of WURFL.js Community Edition, Business Edition customers will receive access to over 20 device capabilities, improved performance, custom use of their own domain (through DNS CNAMEs), SSL security, help desk support, and a commercial-grade robust Service Level Agreement (SLA). WURFL.js Business Edition customers get access to an online configuration tool to customize the functionality. Pricing scales to support different amounts of traffic based on unique visitors per month.

“Front-end developers have quickly embraced WURFL.js Community Edition, and now our business customers have an even more powerful tool that is tailored for commercial use by focusing on high availability and performance, in addition to rich and customizable features,” says ScientiaMobile CEO Krishna Guda. “WURFL.js Business Edition provides high-quality detection services that fit the needs of mobile-centric businesses.”

“WURFL.JS Business Edition is a zero-friction service that we are currently using in a mid-size ASP.NET MVC web application with satisfaction,” says Roberto Messora from Value Labs. “We changed the former device detection system within days, not weeks, both client side and server side. It is light and easy to use. It allows you to select just the features you need.”

“We see that providing a more reliable alternative to the quick and dirty JavaScript hacks that have historically been used for detecting device capabilities helps our customers both to scale their multi-device strategy as well as giving new and unique insights into end-user behavior when used for analytics. With one JavaScript snippet, adopters of WURFL.js Business Edition can gain the control they need to improve the experience for mobile users,” says Luca Passani, CTO of ScientiaMobile.

ScientiaMobile offers WURFL.js Business Edition as a stand-alone service to new customers, but it is also available to existing customers who are looking for javascript based device-detection solution.

ScientiaMobile provides the industry’s most accurate and flexible device detection solution, helping customers deliver great web experiences and manage the increasingly fragmented mobile device ecosystem. ScientiaMobile sells WURFL, a constantly-updated repository that catalogues thousands of devices and their capabilities and provides access to them via range of API languages – including javascript. The WURFL framework enables many organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, to effectively design and analyze web experiences for an ever-growing range of smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and game consoles.