MOVR – Mobile Overview Report

The MOVR (Mobile Overview Report) provides timely data about device usage trends - focusing on smartphone, tablet and feature phone usage - drawn from a sample of our internal data sources averaging over 1 billion hits per month.

2017 Q3 MOVR Highlights


  • Apple iPhone 8 vs. Samsung Galaxy S8: We compare the first 39 days of each flagship smartphone launch.
  • Image Payload Reduction: We evaluated 3,151 websites to analyze the impact CDN-based images have on mobile speed.
  • Screen orientation: portrait vs. landscape by OS– We look at how screen size and OS impacts the likelihood of screen orientation. Also, do certain tablet manufacturers tend to have their products used in portrait vs. landscape?
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality: We look at browser support for these new technologies.
  • JPEG 2000 and XR support: These image compression file formats can save image payload, but what browsers support them?
  • Indonesia vs. United States comparison of mobile usage.

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Creative Commons cc-by-nc-sa

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