Golang Device Detection and WURFL: an Overdue Marriage

Golang Device Detection and WURFL: an Overdue Marriage

It does not matter how slowly you GO as LANG as you do not stop” – Confucius, slightly adapted

Golang Device Detection and WURFL: A Great Opportunity

By Luca Passani, CTO @ScientiaMobile

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golang device detection with WURFL

Here at ScientiaMobile, we have heard requests over the last several years for a WURFL API that supported the Go programming language (AKA golang). Technically speaking, the idea of supporting golang has been attractive. But then again, a lot of other languages and technologies were worthy of WURFL support. We had to prioritize. Compared to other opportunities in the industry, golang consistently fell a little short.

Nevertheless, we would see many (mostly lame) attempts to bridge the gap between WURFL and golang pop up around the Internet. To us, this was a clear indication that something had to be done.

WURFL InFuze for Golang is Now Available!

We had great adoption and positive feedback during our Beta trials. Advertising and E-commerce customers like golang for its multi-threaded performance and ability to handle millions of transactions. 

Start a 30-day evaluation trial by visiting our WURFL InFuze page and filling out  Inquiry Form.  Our sales and support will get you up and running quickly.

Check out our user guide documentation to get a feel for integration. Our partners at several advertising SSPs, RTB exchanges, and DSPs felt the Golang was a great solution that integrated easily.

“WURFL InFuze for Golang is the only solution capable of providing accurate device detection at scale. With WURFL InFuze, we are able to empower players all along the advertising value chain, from advertisers to publishers, to make data-driven decisions based on reliable device data.” Ben Antier – Co-Founder, Publica

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Luca Passani – CTO