ScientiaMobile Adds Golang Module to WURFL Device Detection

ScientiaMobile Releases WURFL for Golang API to Serve the Growing Community of Enterprises that Require Elegant, Performant, Multi-Threaded Solutions for High-Traffic Services


RESTON, Va., March 30, 2017  — ScientiaMobile has released a new module of its WURFL InFuze device detection solution for the next-generation language Golang. Building on Golang’s strength as a compiled language for concurrent transactions and scalability, WURFL InFuze provides developers with easy integration of mobile device intelligence for their server-side applications.

“We have seen new and existing customers adopt Golang as the programming language of choice. This is hardly surprising. Elegance, the speed of a compiled language, built-in support for multi-threading, and the treatment of functions as first-class objects are aspects that are rarely found together in a language,” says Paul Borile, Director of the InFuze product line at ScientiaMobile.

“By offering a Golang module for our highly accurate WURFL InFuze device detection solution, we are continue our commitment to e-commerce and advertising enterprises that are embracing new technology for mobile optimization and device analytics,” says Krishna Guda, CEO of ScientiaMobile.

Publica, a leading monetization solution for ad publishers, handles thousands of ad requests per second. Ben Antier, Co-Founder of Publica, states, “WURFL InFuze for Golang is the only solution capable of providing accurate device detection at scale. With WURFL InFuze, we are able to empower players all along the advertising value chain, from advertisers to publishers, to make data-driven decisions based on reliable device data.”

WURFL InFuze is the standard for enterprise-grade device detection. In addition to Golang, WURFL InFuze integrates with Apache, NGINX, Microsoft, Microsoft IIS, Node.js, Varnish Cache, HAProxy, and Lighttpd. Developers benefit by installing WURFL InFuze once at the server level and then replicate device intelligence to any application downstream.

ScientiaMobile helps customers optimize their mobile web experience, adapt images for mobile devices, deliver device-aware advertising, and collect device analytics. ScientiaMobile sells WURFL, a constantly-updated repository that catalogues thousands of devices and their capabilities. The WURFL framework enables many organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, to effectively design and analyze web experiences for an ever-growing range of smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and game consoles.

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