Here are some frequently asked questions about ScientiaMobile and its products. If you cannot find your answer, feel free to contact us.


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  • My product bundles WURFL which I sell to multiple customers. Do I need to acquire a single commercial license for each of them?

    ScientiaMobile also offers OEM commercial licenses for the WURFL OnSite and WURFL InFuze products. Pricing is based on the number of customers and is considerably lower than the price of multiple single licenses. Please contact ScientiaMobile for details.

  • What is the license for the WURFL APIs?

    As of Release 1.8, the WURFL API is only offered under a Commercial license or an Evaluation license that expires in 30 days. WURFL is no longer released under AGPL or Open Source licenses.

  • What is the renewal timeframe on the WURFL license?

    Premise-based products (WURFL OnSite, WURFL InFuze, WURFL InSight, WURFL Microservice for Docker) renew based on an annual fee. These fees provide access to updates to clients, APIs or device data within the scope of their particular product during that initial and renewal timeframe.

    Cloud-based products (WURFL Cloud, WURFL.js), are monthly fees and renewals.

  • What is a my.scientiamobile.com

    ScientiaMobile serves commercial licensees of WURFL and ImageEngine by offering them a personal virtual space in which they can access licensed and updated versions of WURFL products. Every user who registers with ScientiaMobile obtains access to their my.scientiamobile.com via a username and password. My.scientiamobile.com is populated products and services as the user purchases commercial licensees.

  • What do commercial WURFL licensees find in their my.scientiamobile.com?

    My.ScientiaMobile.com contains the software that has been purchased and their the associated licenses. WURFL OnSite and WURFL InFuze customers will find several weeks of the WURFL device data updates. ScientiaMobile releases a new WURFL device data update every week. For products that include weekly device data updates, my.scientiamobile.com also contains a personalized URL linking to the latest WURFL device data snapshot. This WURFL Snapshot URL should be entered into the WURFL Updater configuration. Also in my.scientiamobile.com, WURFL Cloud Customers will find a link to the Cloud Control panel, giving access to: personal API keys, WURFL capabilities, usage history, and WURFL Cloud client for the different programming platforms.