WURFL Capabilities

Select from more than 500 properties of each device, called WURFL capabilities, for inclusion in your license.

Some products or trial editions have a limited set of capabilities.

IMPORTANT: WURFL supports two kinds of capabilities:

  • Static capabilities return a property associated with each device object
  • Virtual capabilities return a property whose value is based on the evaluation of other static capabilities or further inspection of parameters found in the HTTP request. Virtual capabilities require different methods to retrieve values, so developers should consult their product documentation.


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1 Result

  • physical_form_factor - Static capability

    Physical form factor of the device

    Category: physical
    Possible Values:
    car_display: A browser integrated in the dashboard in a car. Such as the Tesla. (formerly, in_car)
    computer: Computer with large screen and keyboard/mouse/trackpad. Include desktops and laptops
    connected_device: A connected device capable of making http requests, but with no specific form factor and with no regular browser. Typically related to “internet of things.”
    game_pad: A handheld gaming console like PSP. Not capable of making phone calls.
    phone_bar: Classic feature phone with physical keypad (including devices such as RIM/Blackberry with full qwerty keyboard)
    phone_clamshell: Foldable, typically screen on one part and keypad on the other. Typical for classic feature phones.
    phone_foldable_booklet: A phone that folds along the vertical axis
    phone_foldable_clamshell: A phone that folds along the horizontal axis
    phone_phablet: Same as phone_slate, but with screen size between 5.3 to 6.9 inches. Must be able to make phone calls.
    phone_slate: Phone with a touch screen for interaction. On screen keyboard. Screen size less than 5.3 inches.
    screen_connected_device: A connected device with an integrated display capable of making http requests, but with no specific form factor and with no regular browser. Typically related to "internet of things" devices like digital assistants.
    screen_game_console: A game console which use a TV or projector as medium. Like Playstation or Xbox.
    screen_smart_tv: A television set with a browser or “smart TV functionality” provided through an external box such as Apple TV or Google TV.
    tablet_slate: Touch screen tablet with on-screen keyboard and a screen size of more than 6.9 inches.
    vr_headset: A head mounted virtual reality device. Like Oculus Quest, or HTC Vive.
    wearable_glasses: A device wearable as glasses. Like Google Glasses, or a HUD display
    wearable_watch: A device one can wear as a watch. Like Sony Smart Watch, or Samsung Gear S
    other: Misc.
    Related Capabilities: physical_thickness, physical_height, physical_width, physical_screen_height, physical_screen_width, weight, form_factor, pointing_method
    Premium: Yes
    Value type: string
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