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Be Certain. Get highly accurate, performant mobile device detection with more than 95,000 device profiles for improved advertising, web analytics, and OTT video, all with enterprise-level support.

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Learn about WURFL® device detection and user-agent client hints

WURFL is Device Intelligence

Collect device analytics about smartphones, tablets, and other devices visiting your website. ScientiaMobile’s WURFL device detection supports user-agent client hints for continuous accuracy. Integrate mobile device analytics with your business intelligence tools. You can analyze trends in your mobile web traffic, identify opportunities, and pinpoint problems that are impacting your mobile users.

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54% of websites use Google Analytics and WURFL for device detection W3Techs


Improved image optimization

Resize images for mobile devices and deliver them FAST. Our smart image CDN automatically compresses and resizes your images based on the mobile device. Improve performance by reducing your payload.

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69% reduction in image payload Sporter

Industry leaders trust ScientiaMobile’s WURFL® device detection and ImageEngine® image CDN
Michael Ionita-Ganea
Director of Technology, Mobfox SSP Director of Technology, Mobfox SSP
ScientiaMobile's WURFL provides our advertising platform with accurate, high-performance device detection. Its reliability lets us effectively deliver and analyze mobile ads.
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