Mobile Optimization & Device Detection

Device detection can ensure a better mobile experience. Mobile Web leaders use WURFL device detection products to take Responsive Web Design (RWD) to the next level. You can serve tailored content faster, control layout and navigation, and collect valuable user information. Find the right WURFL product for you here.

Device Analytics

WURFL InSight provides device intelligence about smartphones, tablets, and other devices visiting your website. We integrate into your Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) and Business Intelligence tools so you can analyze mobile Web traffic, identify opportunities, and pinpoint problems that are impacting your mobile users. WURFL Insight now offers modules that integrate with  Splunk, Tableau, Spark, Talend, Informatica PowerCenter and  IBM DataStage.

Image Optimization

Resize images for mobile devices and deliver them FAST. ImageEngine automatically compresses and resizes your images based on your mobile device’s dimensions and capabilities. We cache and deliver the images via our Content Delivery Network (CDN). Improve performance by reducing your payload!

Industry Solutions

We have a solution to match your industry’s needs. Whether you are in Advertising, E-Commerce, Content Delivery Network, Finance & Security, or just need a great mobile web site, we have a bundle to suit your needs.

WURFL Features

Accurate And Timely Data

We detect every device that has a browser on the planet. Via weekly updates, we maintain an industry-leading 99% accuracy, with over 57,000 device profiles. We are the only device detection solution that accurately identifies iPhone and iPad models. By testing billions of user agents per month, we help you stay accurate with new phones – even Chinese and Indian models.

Speed, Scalability, and Support

Over 83% of mobile device analytics on the Web is driven by WURFL. Large customers like Google and Facebook use our mobile optimization solutions for billions of users. Enterprises can rely on our full-time support professionals with over 30 years of device detection and operations experience. We provide 24/7 ticketed support, including the fastest response and resolution time in the industry.

Platform, Server, BI Tool Support

We support 13 languages, 8 server platforms, 6 Business Intelligence Tools and 6 Plug-ins. Use our product wizard to find the right product for you! If you develop in PHP, Java, .NET, Scala, C, C++, C#, Python, Ruby, Node.js, Golang, JavaScript, or Perl, we have you covered. Our high-performance WURFL InFuze has modules for Apache, NGINX, NGINX Plus, Node.js, Microsoft IIS, Varnish Cache, HAProxy, and Lighttp. ImageEngine has plug-ins for MagentoWordPressJQueryAngularJSEmber.jsReact.js