MOVR 2017 Q1 Webinar Registration

Samsung S8 and iPhone Launches: What is at Stake?

On May 4, 2017, we hosted a webinar for the 2017 Q1 MOVR report covering trends in mobile device usage.

Highlights included:

  1. Samsung S8 and iPhone Launches: What is at Stake? We look at past launches and see what Samsung and Apple have at risk going into this next upgrade cycle.
  2. Responsive Images via HTML img srcset and picture elements. How ready are the browsers? How practical and effective is the framework?
  3. Instantly Detect Smartphone Price. How do websites vary based on the average price of smartphone visiting?
  4. Israel vs. United States comparison of mobile usage.
  5. MOVR Visualization tools. Once you register, you can see charts of weekly updates of the MOVR data. Set the date range, select among manufacturer, form factor, and device information, and display the chart you want.

Registration is now closed as the webinar is over. We will be sharing the video from the webinar shortly.

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