WURFL Team Launches ScientiaMobile

WURFL Team Launches ScientiaMobile

WURFL Team Launches ScientiaMobile

New US (VA) Company Turns WURFL into a Commercial Reality

Herndon, VA. 6 June 2011 – Founders of the WURFL project, the well-known open-source project containing the information of thousands of mobile devices, have announced today the launch of ScientiaMobile, the new company, based in Herndon, Virginia.

The company will provide commercial tools and support to companies which have adopted or intend to adopt the popular WURFL framework to solve the so-called “Device Fragmentation” problem.

In addition to licensing the API commercially for organizations who prefer to avoid the restrictions of certain FOSS software licenses, the company will offer access to device data through a cloud-based approach. Enterprise-class WURFL-based solutions will also be offered to companies with particularly stringent requirements of performance and business intelligence tools.

“Device Fragmentation has been a problem for companies and developers for over 12 years. Thanks to WURFL and the community around it, the problem has been managed by developers. The constant arrival of more devices, though, has made the issue progressively more painful and hard to manage. With ScientiaMobile, we are bringing WURFL to a whole new level, with more resources to offer solution to small and large organizations” – says Luca Passani, WURFL Inventor and Maintainer, and now ScientiaMobile CTO.

“In 2006, I created Tera-WURFL as a high-performance mobile device detection platform, working closely with Luca and the WURFL community. In 2011, the Tera-WURFL site hit 500k page views and I realized that now was the time to bring commercial support to WURFL. With ScientiaMobile, we are making WURFL faster, more accurate and easier to integrate. The mobile web is always evolving, and with the accelerated introduction of new features and hardware capabilities, server-side device detection is more relevant than ever.” – says Steve Kamerman, Tera-WURFL author and COO of ScientiaMobile.

“I’ve known Luca since 2005. I was always impressed with his understanding of device fragmentation. The proliferation of smartphones, tablets and other mobile connected devices is driving the need for developers to build and enterprises to deliver optimized mobile user experience and content. Together with Steve’s expertise in building enterprise solutions, we are poised to deliver high performance and reliable device detection solutions for business needs” – says Krishna Guda, ScientiaMobile CEO with a long career in developing, selling and delivering carrier-grade mobile software.

Reaction from the community so far has been positive. Maximilano Firtman, author of ‘Programming the Mobile Web’ book, long-time mobile developer and blogger at mobilexweb.com, said: “Developers and companies have demanded professional WURFL tools and support for quite some time now. The fact that Steve and Luca have finally got together is a natural, and very welcome, development”

Mobile developers, Small Businesses and Enterprises interested in learning more about ScientiaMobile product offerings, licensing, support and details on upcoming products can visit, http://www.scientiamobile.com for more information.

About ScientiaMobile

ScientiaMobile is a brand new company started by the founders of popular WURFL and Tera-WURFL open source projects that have been empowering the mobile developer community for nearly a decade with mobile device data and solutions to device fragmentation problems and device detection challenges. The company is headquartered in Herndon, VA, USA.

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Krishna Guda, CEO