WURFL InSight for Talend Mobile Device Analytics

Analyze Your Mobile Device Usage With WURFL InSight for Talend

WURFL InSight for Talend

WURFL InSight provides device intelligence about smartphones, tablets, and other devices visiting your website. After transforming your Web logs using WURFL InSight for Talend, you can use your Business Intelligence tools to drill down on the form factor, device model, operating system version, manufacturer, and over 500 other device capabilities. Marketing/Business Analysts, IT Operations Teams, and other Analysts across an organization will benefit from WURFL InSight. They can fine-tune their mobile Web strategy, improve their mobile users’ experience and interface, as well as gauging the success of advertising campaigns across specific devices, or answer a host of other business questions.

After installation, you can use the joblet to transform Web logs and append WURFL capabilities. If you need more information about the device, its capabilities, operating system, or the browser it is using, you can add more WURFL capabilities to suit your needs.

The WURFL InSight Solution

For over 10 years, ScientiaMobile’s WURFL solutions have set the standard for accurate device intelligence. Now, business analysts can have this device intelligence integrated via Talend, receiving:

  • Integration of WURFL device intelligence tools with the transformation capabilities of Talend
  • Receive weekly updates that ensures accurate device detection
  • Enhance their Web logs, selecting from over 500 WURFL device capabilities


Adding Device Capabilities to Web Logs

WURFL works by matching user agents found in Web logs with WURFL’s extensive repository of devices. Because device, operating systems, and browsers are constantly updating, new user agents will appear in Web logs every week. Therefore, you need a data service that constantly researches and maps these user agents. Every week, ScientiaMobile provides business analysts with updates.

In addition, WURFL InSight allows analysts to select from over 500 fields that describe and classify device capabilities. These capabilities describe critical features like screen dimension or media rendering capabilities. These also include useful virtual capabilities like “is_smartphone”, “is_robot”, and “is_touchscreen” that provide Boolean logic that can help characterize device traffic.

Talend Joblet Integration

Licensed WURFL InSight for Talend users can quickly install the Joblet and WURFL components from their ScientiaMobile account vault. With your Business Intelligence tools, you can write queries, reports and dashboards that analyze device name, form factor, mobile device manufacturer, and OS. If you need more information about the device, its capabilities, OS, or the browser it is using, you can add more WURFL capabilities to suit your needs.


We actively moderate and respond to ScientiaMobile’s forum which reflects the knowledge base built over the last 10 years. In addition, licensed users of WURFL InSight receive access to a customer vault and support via our Enterprise Support Portal. Our support team responds quickly to ticketed problems.

Licensing Options

Commercial licenses are available based on the number of WURFL lookups and number of WURFL capabilities.