ScientiaMobile’s WURFL Device Detection for Enterprise Customers Now Available as an NGINX Plus Certified Module

ScientiaMobile’s WURFL Device Detection for Enterprise Customers Now Available as an NGINX Plus Certified Module

Device Detection Trusted by Thousands of Websites is Certified to Work with NGINX Plus Servers

May 18 – Reston, Va. ScientiaMobile’s WURFL InFuze has passed NGINX’s requirements and earned recognition as an NGINX Plus certified module for their enterprise-ready NGINX Plus application delivery platform. NGINX customers can easily install the certified WURFL module in NGINX Plus deployments to implement device-aware load balancing in their server, optimizing for mobile in downstream applications.

WURFL detects web browsing and instantly delivers 99% accurate mobile device capabilities such as OS, browser, screen size, smartphone price and 500 other capabilities to NGINX Plus. Enterprises can use device detection to drive:

      • Mobile Optimization: Real-time adaptation of page layout, content, and navigation for a superior user experience.
      • Advertising: Targeting, optimization, and analysis of advertisements based on smartphone, tablet, or feature phone information.
      • Analytics: Collection of device intelligence for new dimensions of web usage analytics.

“ScientiaMobile has always recognized NGINX as a leading platform adopted by many heavy-duty sites around the globe. We have supported Open Source NGINX for a long time. Aligning WURFL with NGINX Plus and its Enterprise dimension has been long overdue. We’re thrilled that it has finally happened.” says Luca Passani, CTO of ScientiaMobile.

“WURFL is deployed with NGINX to provide advanced features for device detection, enabling mobile optimization, ad tech, and analytics.” says Paul Oh, Head of Business Development at NGINX. “We’re excited to have ScientiaMobile make these features available to NGINX Plus customers as a certified module.”

Enterprises can start a 30-day trial or purchase WURFL InFuze for NGINX Plus here. Users can optionally schedule automatic updates to the Device Description Repository at intervals that best suit their business needs. These updates will ensure high-accuracy device detection.

ScientiaMobile’s customers; including Google, Facebook, and Amazon; use our device intelligence solutions to deliver great web experiences, faster image downloads, and improve sales conversions from mobile customers. ScientiaMobile leads the industry in terms of accuracy, speed, and innovation. Our suite of device intelligence products (WURFL OnSite, WURFL InFuze, WURFL.js, ImageEngine and WURFL InSight) helps Fortune 500 enterprises effectively design and analyze web experiences for an ever-growing range of smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, IOT devices, and game consoles.

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