WAP DTDs are dead. Long live the WAP DTDs!

WAP DTDs are dead. Long live the WAP DTDs!

To my great surprise, someone mentioned WAP DTDs again on the WMLProgramming list (this is a mailing list of historical interested still hosted at Yahoo! groups. It’s the place where WURFL was born).

And it was not simply a mention of DTDs, but rather a cry for help!

Hello all.

I have a quick question, requireing a long trip down memmory lane for most of us.

In updating a site that runs WML output, I have stumbled upon a DTD issue
When attempting to validate well formed wml against certain outdated dtd specs.

I am wondering if anyone knows of the current publicly accessable home/specs for what was once.

<!DOCTYPE wml PUBLIC "-//PHONE.COM//DTD WML 1.1//EN" "http://www.phone.com/dtd/wml11.dtd">


<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//OPENWAVE//DTD XHTML Mobile 1.0//EN" "http://www.openwave.com/DTD/xhtml-mobile10.dtd">

Openwave and phone dot com are no longer resolving... And this is for use for validating
Wml and xhtml from applications on ips that are not using the openwave gateway. Ie form the basis for 3rd paqrty validation and testing.

I have attempted to update these in the applications to dtds sourced from

But internally these DTD self refer to other places and the dtd's don't validate in the validator. But point to

Which if changed breaks wml when accessed via the gateway.
And I am almost 100% positive phone.com's (openwave's gateway) dtd was not
the wapforum standard.

I found a note from 2006 (yes I know... don't fix what is not broke) from Ron Mandel Located here...


But this points to ....


Which 404's And splits into 2 entities of which


Both again 404. Any ideas or pointers guys?

Having worked for Phone.com (AKA Openwave) for seven years, I found the message sort of touching. I rapidly reflected on how eternal those DTDs URLs were meant to be when originally created (Sic transit gloria mundi) and figured that I had to respond.

We decided to host the two DTDs here at ScientiaMobile. These are the Openwave versions, which are a superset of the WAPForum ones.

WML 1.1 (with Openwave extensions): http://www.scientiamobile.com/dtd/wml11.dtd
XHTML MP 1.1 (with Openwave extensions): http://www.scientiamobile.com/dtd/xhtml-mobile10.dtd

If this helps you, please enjoy!

If you are a lawyer paid by Openwave, don’t shoot! it’s Luca trying to help here!