Top 5 Things to Know about Mexico’s Mobile Users

Top 5 Things to Know about Mexico’s Mobile Users



1. Higher Smartphone Usage
Compared to the U.S., Mexico has a higher percentage of smartphone users than the U.S. by two percent. However, when we compared the amount of tablet usage, Mexico was slightly behind the U.S. by two percent. Overall, Mexico and the U.S. have a very similar form factor with almost no feature phone usage.

2. Samsung Leads Manufacturers
With both the top smartphone and tablet usage in Mexico, Samsung is the clear winner. The top smartphone in Mexico is the Galaxy Core II Duos and the top tablet in Mexico is the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0. This demonstrates a large difference between the U.S. smartphone and tablet market which prefers Apple largely over Samsung.

3. Significantly Higher Android OS Usage
We’re talking huge—91 percent of smartphone operating systems in Mexico are Android. Comparatively, the U.S. has a 47 percent Android OS usage rate. Conversely, Mexico has a much lower iOS usage rate, only nine percent. Android 4.4 is the most popular versions at 80 percent usage. But, it’s interesting to note that iOS 9.3 is the most popular version for both Mexico and the U.S.


4. Less Concentrated Smartphone Market
This means that Mexico has a more competitive smartphone market than the U.S. With the top 10 devices in Mexico accounting for 36 percent of smartphone hits, compared to the U.S.’s 55 percent, an almost 20 percent difference.

5. More Diverse Tablet Marketplace
Not only does Mexico have a more competitive smartphone market than the U.S., its tablet market is also more competitive than the U.S. Mexico’s top 10 tablet devices accounted for 60 percent of usages, while the U.S.’s accounted for 89 percent. Beside the Apple and Samsung models, Mexico also had other significant manufacturers that the U.S. doesn’t, including Alcatel and Acer who are taking advantage of Mexico’s competitive mobile landscape.

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