To the New Charles Dickens

To the New Charles Dickens

"'Come,' said Mr. Bumble, somewhat less pompously, for it was gratifying to his feelings to observe the effect his eloquence had produced; 'Come, Oliver! Wipe your eyes with the cuffs of your jacket, and don't cry into your gruel; that's a very foolish action, Oliver.'
                      -from Oliver Twist, by Charles Dickens


We got this message this morning:

"This is too expensive. I have a small 4 person business with one website that I maintain. We get around 200,000 unique visits each month. Under your plan that would be 40/month. That is too much, I work 7/days a week for 27k yr and have to go up to 6 months of the year without a paycheck until sales go up. It is a roller coaster to stay in business and I can't afford another 40/month. All I want is iphone, ipad, android support and screen size. You and […name of competitor removed..] are killing the small guy."

I immediately recognized the writer's style. It's Charles. Charles Dickens. Once tears subsided, I hit the Reply button, ready to offer the poor fellow 6 months of free Standard Cloud, bring a smile back to his face and save a human life.

To my great surprise, the new Dickens had omitted leaving a valid return email address. Messages to bounced. How sad. All that talent lost like a tear in the rain.

Charles, if you read this, please get back to us. We have good news for you!

Your friend at ScientiaMobile