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New WURFL Public Snapshot Available

ScientiaMobile has released a new public snapshot (2.3.2) of the WURFL data file.  The snapshot can be downloaded at WURFL Cloud and standalone API customers have access to weekly snapshots of the WURFL data, as well as out-of-band snapshots that are released when major updates have been made mid-week.


WURFL Direct Download Gets Gzip Support

One of the most requested features since we launched ScientiaMobile was a URL to download the latest WURFL Snapshot.  In August 2011, we introduced the WURFL Direct Download URL, which is a custom URL for our customers that allows them to download their latest authorized WURFL Snapshot.  This snapshot is internally licensed to the customer when it is downloaded, based on their ScientiaMobile license. Since its introduction, the Direct Download URL system has become quite popular.  Now, just 8 months later, we are serving nearly 900 requests for WURFL Snapshots per day!  Until this past week, the URL has only […]

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