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Growing Device Intelligence From The Cloud

Wurfl Cloud

Since our inception back in 2011, we had a vision for device intelligence from the Cloud. Early on, we launched our WURFL Cloud product. It offers a client (which we have recently open-sourced – see here) that provides easy access to an always-updated WURFL DDR (see video). Part of having a reliable and fast Cloud service meant having hosted operations around the Globe. We currently operate in several POPs. And the service has grown very steadily. In 2014, we launched our WURFL.js service. Using one snippet of JavaScript, web developers dip into our Cloud-based DDR and get back basic device […]


ScientiaMobile Releases Open-Source Version of Its Popular WURFL Cloud Client

WURFL Cloud Users Can Now Integrate WURFL Cloud Client Source Code Into Their Own Projects ScientiaMobile has released an open-source version of its WURFL Cloud client so that developers can smoothly integrate device detection into their own projects.  With this open and flexible approach, developers can use the easy-to-maintain WURFL Cloud solution within their own project for mobile optimization or analytics purposes.  This release is in keeping with ScientiaMobile’s open-source heritage and its commitment to a developer-friendly approach. The WURFL Cloud service consists of two parts. First, ScientiaMobile provides a highly-available, always-updated, cloud-based Device Detection Repository. Second, we provide a […]


Hear! Hear! the WURFL Cloud is finally here!

“In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.” WURFL Users, Friends it seems like yesterday that in our first announcement of ScientiaMobile we also mentioned the imminent arrival of the Cloud: “WURFL Cloud Services. I know the name “buzzes”, yet it accurately describes what many have been requesting repeatedly: a highly-available central repository serving updated WURFL information at all times. At this point, the service is still in alpha, but we gladly accept early birds, ready to bargain a substantial discount for the service with the fine-tuning of the WURFL Cloud client component.” Launching […]

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