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ScientiaMobile Releases WURFL OnSite Device Detection API for Scala Programming Language

Support of Popular WURFL Device Detection Adds Momentum for Scala Among Mobile Web Developers ScientiaMobile has launched a new version of its popular WURFL OnSite API written to support the Scala programming language. Mobile web developers are increasingly using the Scala language. Now,Scala developers can natively integrate WURFL OnSite to provide critical device intelligence for mobile web optimization and device analytics services. WURFL for Scala is offered under both the AGPLv3 license and ScientiaMobile’s commercial license. Scala has emerged in the last decade as a next generation Java Virtual Machine language. While similar to Java, Scala has generally more succinct […]


Scala Meet WURFL. WURFL Meet Scala.

It’s a great pleasure for ScientiaMobile to host this post from Filippo De Luca. In addition to having been one of the lead engineers behind the modern WURFL Java API in the past, Filippo is an expert of the Scala Programming Language. Filippo advised ScientiaMobile on the benefits of Scala and on the architecture of a WURFL Java API for Scala that feels native to adopters of this great new enterprise language. – Luca Passani, CTO @ScientiaMobile     The web today is very different from the one of eight years ago, when I was one the engineers behind the WURFL […]

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