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Are You Ready For Google’s Mobile-Friendliness Rankings? Lessons From The Top 10,000 Sites

  “Mobilize or die” – Ian Carrington (Google) April 21, 2015 is the date when Google starts updating their search algorithms to consider “mobile friendliness” in the ranking of sites. This means that site owners who have not implemented a strategy for adapting their site and content for mobile devices will be ranked lower than sites that are optimized. This change is radical and will have impact on all mobile searches, in all languages, globally. Google goes as far as recommending site owners to use Responsive Web Design (RWD). In addition to RWD, Google itself implements both Adaptive Delivery and dedicated […]


WURFL and Google Glass

Google Glass has received quite a lot of media attention lately. Initially, we had gathered the information that the new tool did not come with a browser. But someone in Google had tipped us that this would change soon. Now it’s official:


Couple of Things (Smashing Magazine and Google Analytics)

“The lack of money is the root of all evil”. – Mark Twain Haven’t blogged in a while. Will two halves of a piece of news make a full blog post?  let’s see. SmashingMagazine, a very highly regarded website for web developers and web designers, has published an article from yours truely. The takeway point of the article is that, once all is said and done, Responsive Web Deisgn is cool, but server-side detection can provide the extra gears to bring your site to the next level. Judging from the comments so far, it seems that I and Steve (who […]


Smart TVs and WURFL

  Someone just pinged me about Twitter traffic coming from the Breaking Development conference in Orlando. Jason Grigsby delivered a great presentation about Smart TVs, the next big wave and the one that will make the life of RWDoers even more exciting (yes, it’s irony): Among other things, Jason is complaining that Smart TVs are coming, but how to detect them in the jungle of UA strings is left as a not-so-simple exercize for the poor developer. This made me jump on my chair. So much time and effort spent in supporting SmartTVs in WURFL API 1.4 and nobody […]

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