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Great News for users of the Free WURFL Cloud

“The sky is blue above the clouds.” Pooh We have some great news for those who would like to play around with a professional Device Description Repository such as WURFL, but think that it is either too expensive or too complex to set up. The number of capabilities available to Cloud users has been brought to 5. Previously the number of capabilities in the free WURFL Cloud was 2. This was not a lot for developers who wanted to explore the power of a commercial DDR free of charge. The situation has now improved for them.


Perl and WURFL: There is only one way to do it right

“I read everything: fiction, history, science, mathematics, biography, travel.” Perl (Martin Lewis Perl)     November 5, 2012, IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Perl Cloud Clients now Available in CPAN too!     I learned Perl in 1994, before Perl 5 was created, while still at the University. It was the reference language for everyone who wanted to do web development before 1996. I loved Perl. It was powerful. You could do in one day what would easily take weeks to do with other languages at the time. And this still applies today to a large extent. The difference today is that a […]


BDConf and Exposing WURFL Capabilities to JavaScript

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo Da Vinci (disputed)   Important Note (April 2014): If you are interested in using WURFL from Javascript, you may want to check out (or this blog post). Steve and I were at the awesome Breaking Development Conference  last week in Dallas, Texas. What an amazing stand-up of great speakers (and what an amazing chance for networking!). The presentations covered quite a lot of ground and a variety of topics. Some speakers gave their more high-level “long term” visions of where mobile is going and how every device (including your toaster) will be communicating […]


WURFL in the Cloud with Node.js

  “JavaScript was my first love, but will it be my last? in this world of trouble, we put Node.js to the test.“ Adapted from a popular song by John Miles I started my professional career as a web programmer. I learned HTML and Perl for CGI scripts while at my last year in college and the only browser was Mosaic. I was excited when Netscape came about and even more so when they introduced some client-side interactivity through LiveScript, soon to be renamed JavaScript (I guess someone in some large company’s marketing department had decided that exploiting the Java wave was a good idea). […]


WURFL in the Cloud with Ruby

"I didn't work hard to make Ruby perfect for everyone, because you feel differently from me.  No language can be perfect for everyone. I tried to make Ruby perfect for me, but maybe it's not perfect for you.  The perfect language for Guido van Rossum is probably Python"   Yukihiro Matsumoto, Creator of the Ruby Programming Language     By now, the WURFL API has become pretty complex stuff. Version 1.4 of the API has brought all of the different main APIs to the same level, but only thanks to considerable investment and effort. While the idea of supporting WURFL […]


To the New Charles Dickens

"'Come,' said Mr. Bumble, somewhat less pompously, for it was gratifying to his feelings to observe the effect his eloquence had produced; 'Come, Oliver! Wipe your eyes with the cuffs of your jacket, and don't cry into your gruel; that's a very foolish action, Oliver.'"                        -from Oliver Twist, by Charles Dickens   We got this message this morning: "This is too expensive. I have a small 4 person business with one website that I maintain. We get around 200,000 unique visits each month. Under your plan that would be […]

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