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Update API and XML files: The Oxygen of Device Detection

Update API - Improve Speed 5X

May 2017 By Ken Jones Device detection is like oxygen for the mobile internet. It keeps your site and advertisements optimized and well analyzed. And, like oxygen, once you have it, you might forget it’s there. Unfortunately, that oxygen can get stale and unless you continue to take deep breaths, your performance will suffer. Healthy device detection requires you keep two elements of the solution up to date: 1) the API which contains the logic for device detection, and 2) the snapshot XML file which contains the universe of devices. Important Benefits of API Updates Many WURFL users may not […]


Scala Meet WURFL. WURFL Meet Scala.

It’s a great pleasure for ScientiaMobile to host this post from Filippo De Luca. In addition to having been one of the lead engineers behind the modern WURFL Java API in the past, Filippo is an expert of the Scala Programming Language. Filippo advised ScientiaMobile on the benefits of Scala and on the architecture of a WURFL Java API for Scala that feels native to adopters of this great new enterprise language. – Luca Passani, CTO @ScientiaMobile     The web today is very different from the one of eight years ago, when I was one the engineers behind the WURFL […]


Virtual Capabilities and Filters: introducing WURFL API 1.5

Virtual Capabilities and Filters: introducing WURFL API 1.5 virtual   — adjective 1.        having the essence or effect but not the appearance or form of: a virtual revolution 2.        having the form or appearance but not the essence or effect of: virtual reality 3.        (rare)  capable of producing an effect through inherent power or virtue Umberto Eco, a famous Italian phylosopher and a novelist, when asked for an opinion about ‘Virtual Reality’ replied that it did not interest him, but “please, call me back when I can make love to Marilyn […]

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