ScientiaMobile Announces Partnership with nuu:bit, Inc. to Offer Mobile and Image Optimization

ScientiaMobile Announces Partnership with nuu:bit, Inc. to Offer Mobile and Image Optimization

ScientiaMobile Announces Partnership with nuu:bit, Inc. to Offer Mobile and Image Optimization Solutions to $669 Billion Mobile E-Commerce Industry

ImageEngine™ to be Powered by the nuu:bit Platform to Optimize and Deliver Images at the Edge as Its First Joint Solution

June 02, 2017 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time
SAN JOSE, Calif. & RESTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– ScientiaMobile, a leader in mobile device intelligence and image optimization, has announced a partnership with nuu:bit, Inc., a digital content and revenue acceleration company. The companies will offer ImageEngine™, the most advanced, device-aware, image resizing technology at the edge of the nuu:bit network, as its first joint solution.
By 2018, global mobile e-commerce is projected to reach $669 billion. However, 53% of visitors will abandon a site if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load. Improving page loading time by 1 second can have a 20% improvement on mobile conversions. Optimizing the image payload of e-commerce sites is the single largest way to improve page loading and conversion performance.

ImageEngine™ instantly recognizes mobile devices, automatically resizes a master image, and caches them so it always delivers the right-sized image to the right device. Distributing these capabilities to the edge of the nuu:bit network pushes the images and the image processing logic closer to end users for consistently faster page loads, improved sales and conversions, and overall cost savings. ImageEngine™ also simplifies the image publishing workflow and easily integrates with the leading e-commerce platforms.

“The sheer volume of requests for digital images is exploding,” said Krishna Guda, CEO of ScientiaMobile. “With ImageEngine, we created a solution that is unique in the image acceleration industry. However, the traditional content delivery network model couldn’t put our device-aware resizing logic close enough to the network’s edge. By deploying on the nuu:bit edge platform, we immediately saw huge improvements in user experience and mobile conversions.”

“Most of today’s content delivery challenges are local,” said Sam Farraj, CEO of nuu:bit, Inc. “Where content still gets choked up is within the local last mile of the end user. The ability for us to distribute our smart CDN capabilities and run ScientiaMobile’s mobile device detection and image optimization logic at our edge means that we can instantly and intelligently serve up and process image requests locally, essentially eliminating the mobile last mile latency for image delivery and page loads, anywhere around the globe.”


nuu:bit, Inc. is a digital content and revenue acceleration company helping businesses meet the data requirements of the future. The nuu:bit platform brings together its smart, next-gen CDN, open source approach to edge computing, security services, and business intelligence & insights to offer a holistic solution for businesses competing in the digital economy.


ScientiaMobile provides ImageEngine, the world’s most advanced device-aware image-resizing solution. It resizes images for mobile devices and delivers them fast. It improves customer experiences and performance by reducing payload. ScientiaMobile also markets WURFL, a constantly-updated repository that catalogues thousands of devices and their capabilities with 99% accuracy and is available in several API languages. Its customers include Google, Facebook and many Fortune 500 companies.


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