Schedule a Meeting at IRCE

Schedule a Meeting at IRCE

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This year at IRCE, we will be showing how our device detection solutions can improve image optimization and analytics that can take E-Commerce to the next level.

What ImageEngine Delivers

  • Faster Page Loading, Higher Conversions: Accelerate your website and decrease payload by more than 60%.
  • CDN Savings: Pay only for optimized, resized image bandwidth.
  • Proactive Device Detection: Accurately identify mobile devices without using slow, inaccurate javascript.
  • Automatic Image Resizing : Automatically resize and cache your master images.
  • Simple Deployment: Easy integration with leading e-commerce platforms.

What WURFL InSight Delivers

  • Integration of WURFL mobile analytics tools with the transformation and/or dashboarding capabilities of BI tools
  • Receive weekly updates that ensures accurate device detection
  • EnhancedWeb logs, selecting from over 500 WURFL device capabilities

We would love to set up a meeting with you at IRCE in Chicago. Find us at booth 1663.