Recalling Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Not So Easy

Recalling Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Not So Easy

Update on November 3rd: We now see that users are heeding the recall. Usage for Samsung Note 7 has dropped consistently over the last 3 weeks.  The usage has dropped to 33% of its peak level.

After five weeks, traffic has dropped below the September 10th level, when the U.S. Consumer Safety Commission issued a recall notice. Note 7s are still out there being used. Samsung still has work to do to get the Note 7 out of circulation.

Samsung has clearly had problems with its Samsung Galaxy Note 7.  On October 11, Samsung announced they were discontinuing the model.  But a recall will prove difficult for Samsung because usage continues to grow.  Samsung will need to pry the Galaxy Note 7 from the hands of users who clearly like the smartphone.

As of October 24th, the Note 7 was the 50th most popular smartphone in the USA.  This is dropping also.

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