Most Popular Apple iPhone Launch Results: November to December 2017

Most Popular Apple iPhone Launch Results: November to December 2017

At the beginning of the iPhone X launch, there were many challenges to get the phone into the hands of consumers, but one thing is for sure, its select consumer group with a higher willingness-to-pay is smaller than that of the masses who purchased the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. What is striking is that the middle of the road or “Goldilocks” approach really did work for Apple. From our findings, the iPhone 8 Plus, the middle market iPhone offered at a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $799, was the most popular recently launched iPhone over the past month, starting off at more than 0.26% of all smartphones and growing to 0.40% of all smartphones used.

In second place was the cheapest iPhone, the iPhone 8 selling for $699, which began and ended the last month in second place. The iPhone 8 started at 0.19% of smartphones and grew to approximated 0.33% of all smartphones used.

In last place was the Apple iPhone X, sold for $999, which saw the largest increase in use from the beginning of the month to the end, a difference of 0.25% (iPhone 8 Plus saw a 0.14% increase and the iPhone 8 saw a 14% increase). Due to manufacturing issues, the iPhone X started this month at 0% usage and grew to 0.25% of the world’s smartphone usage.

Apple’s most recent iPhones have shown strong growth in the last month, but it is a little early to tell the final share for each of them. Right now, all trends are positive with steady growth going into the holiday season. It seems as though Apple’s segmented product approach has worked out for them so far.

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