ScientiaMobile Releases Open-Source Version of Its Popular WURFL Cloud Client

ScientiaMobile Releases Open-Source Version of Its Popular WURFL Cloud Client

WURFL Cloud Users Can Now Integrate WURFL Cloud Client Source Code Into Their Own Projects

ScientiaMobile has released an open-source version of its WURFL Cloud client so that developers can smoothly integrate device detection into their own projects.  With this open and flexible approach, developers can use the easy-to-maintain WURFL Cloud solution within their own project for mobile optimization or analytics purposes.  This release is in keeping with ScientiaMobile’s open-source heritage and its commitment to a developer-friendly approach.

The WURFL Cloud service consists of two parts. First, ScientiaMobile provides a highly-available, always-updated, cloud-based Device Detection Repository. Second, we provide a WURFL Cloud client to access the device detection and intelligence within the Device Detection Repository. Now, developers can choose from open-source versions of the Cloud client across Java, PHP, .NET, Ruby, Node.js, and Perl platforms.

To gain access to the Cloud service, users will still need to register for a ScientiaMobile WURFL Cloud account and get an API key that is used within the client.  We offer 4 levels of service, from Free up to a Premium service.

ScientiaMobile CTO Luca Passani said, “Developers want a device detection solution that is a simple to use and maintain, but they want the flexibility to integrate it as they see fit. And if their users require commercial-grade device detection, they can purchase WURFL Cloud Services as needed.”

“One great benefit is that developers can now integrate WURFL Cloud client using default package managers. Now, WURFL is easier to integrate into a project, and with the Cloud, it is always up to date,” said Support Engineer Elliot Fehr.

ScientiaMobile provides the industry’s most accurate and flexible device intelligence solution, helping customers deliver great web experiences and manage the increasingly fragmented mobile device ecosystem. ScientiaMobile sells WURFL, a constantly-updated repository that catalogues thousands of devices and their capabilities and provides access to them via range of API languages. The WURFL framework enables many organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, to effectively design and analyze web experiences for an ever-growing range of smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and game consoles. ScientiaMobile also powers, a collection of free tools designed to help front-end web developers easily improve the mobile user experience.