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Evaluation License Summary

WURFL OnSite for Java, Scala, .NET, or PHP is available under a 30 days evaluation license for users who have registered for an account. Once registered, users will have access to download WURFL OnSite components (including API and XML files) from within their account vault.

Changes From Previous Releases

Beginning with WURFL Release 1.8, ScientiaMobile will only offer WURFL OnSite under either a Commercial license or the Evaluation license. Previous users of AGPL or other Open Source license versions are welcome to evaluate WURFL OnSite for 30 days under the Evaluation license. After 30 days, you can contact us here to acquire a Commercial license. We also offer several other products that may fit your budget and needs (WURFL.js, WURFL Cloud).

The Evaluation license does not provide source code for the WURFL OnSite API. If you have a compelling business requirement for access to the source code, then please contact about a Commercial license.

WURFL Capabilities in Evaluation License

The Evaluation package comes with an XML file containing several of our popular WURFL Device Capabilities. If you have specific WURFL capabilities that your would like to evaluate, please contact our salesforce here and we will provide a trial that fits your needs.


The ScientiaMobile Support Forum is open to all WURFL users, both Commercial and Evaluation license users. It represents the combined knowledge base for the WURFL community. Commercial licensees are invited to post questions in the forum using the account to which their licenses are associated. This may mean faster handling of those posts by ScientiaMobile’s personnel.

For commercial license holders, there are tiered support levels to address a variety of business support needs. After logging into your account, commercial licensees with support options can access the Enterprise Support portal to post tickets. These tickets will receive expedited attention.

To inquire about support plans, use our License Inquiry form.