North American Smartphone Price Trends (MSRP) by Country 2017 Q4

North American Smartphone Price Trends (MSRP) by Country 2017 Q4

In North America, we broke apart each country’s average smartphone price (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, or MSRP) for 2015 to 2017. Then, we noticed the most significant difference in the OS of smartphones (Android or iOS), so we decided to compare MSRP for these countries in two separate graphs below. For a more detailed report, please download our 2017 Q4 Mobile Overview Report (MOVR).

In our webinar (see video below), we discussed smartphone price trends from over 29 countries. We also looked at the impact that the secondary market of smartphones have on lowering Average Sales Price (ASP) and age of smartphones in use.

North American Android MSRP

Canada had the largest drop in Android smartphone MSRP from $614.54 in 2015 to $273.84 in 2017, a drop of 55%. This is uncanny compared to its similar neighbor, the United States, and may be due to an increase in lower-priced Chinese phones.

The United States saw the next largest drop in Android MSRP of 23% from $605.55 in 2015 to $465.47 in 2017.

Mexico has the smallest decrease in Android MSRP of 12%, starting at $384.06 in 2015 and ending with $337.48 in 2017.

North American iOS Smartphone MSRP

Apple has several iPhone models at different prices, but they are all tend to be premium priced relative to Android. For example, in 2017 Q4 the iOS devices in the USA averaged $857, compared to Android at $457.

In 2017 Q4, Apple’s newest phones started to have impact on average MSRP. Apple saw the usage of their iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X phones grow quickly after launch. Among these iPhones, the largest increase in smartphone share was from Appleā€™s iPhone 8 Plus with 1.33% at the end of December. Not far behind was the Apple iPhone X with 1.30% even after a production lag in November.