Lessons Learned from Mobile World Congress 2017

Lessons Learned from Mobile World Congress 2017

Effective Mobile Advertising More Important than Ever

A funny thing happened at Mobile World Congress 2017. Mobile World Congress 2017It stopped being about handsets. Proof? The biggest buzz went to Nokia’s retro 3310.

It started, instead, to be about “getting the current [advertising] ecosystem working as effectively as possible.” The advertising community has stopped holding its breath for a mobile handset to arrive or relying on network providers to introduce new breakthrough technology.

Instead, the advertising ecosystem has taken a moment of self-reflection to evaluate what it should be doing better. These self-improvement items include:

  1. Targeting customers more effectively
  2. Ensuring ads are effectively viewed across all devices (desktops, smartphones, and tablets)
  3. Improving campaign ROI by leveraging mobile ad analytics
  4. Making exchanges between SSPs, RTBs, and DSPs more efficient, accurate, and free of fraud


Because of these new realizations, ScientiaMobile had our best Mobile World Congress ever. Advertisers have responded extremely well to the new innovations that we unveiled.

Our New Innovations for Mobile World Congress

Viewer Targeting

Our premium advertising device capabilities were on display, including Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and device release date. This means Advertisers and DSPs can target affluent and early-adopting viewers.

The Standard for Accuracy

Advertisers agree: WURFL is the standard for accurate device identification. With WURFL.js, we provide an unparalleled level of accuracy – especially when it comes to identifying iPhone model details. And in growing markets like India and China, WURFL accurately identifies more devices than ever.


Advertisers are focused on limiting latency in the real-time bidding advertising ecosystem. At Mobile World Congress, customers agreed that in speed tests, WURFL InFuze had fastest solution – with negligible latency. This means DSPs can put device targeting criteria (like MSRP) into the mix and not worry about missing bids.

Easy Integration and Load Balancing

Many advertising customers prefer to use our WURFL InFuze modules for NGINX, Apache, and Node.js. Many are also looking at the beta of GoLang. And now advertisers can load-balance based on device form factor (smartphone, desktop, tablet) with our HAProxy load balancing module.