ImageEngine Device-Aware Image CDN

Resize images for mobile devices and deliver them FAST. Our smart image CDN automatically compresses and resizes your images based on mobile device dimensions and capabilities. Improve performance by reducing your payload.

  • ImageEngine Resize images, improve speed by 60 percent

  • ImageEngine combines device detection + image resizing + CDN

  • Voonik image CDN

  • WordPress JQuery Magento Shopify Drupal React Ember Angular Image Resize Addin

What ImageEngine Delivers

  • Faster Page Loading, Higher Conversions: Accelerate your website and decrease payload by more than 60%.
  • CDN Savings: Pay only for optimized, resized image bandwidth.
  • Proactive Device Detection: Accurately identify mobile devices without using slow, inaccurate javascript.
  • Automatic Image Resizing : Automatically resize and cache your master images.
  • Simple Deployment: Easy integration with leading eCommerce platforms.

Find the Right ImageEngine Plan for You



for up to 250 GB of image Smart Bytes

For professional websites, blogs needing fast mobile performance

Free 30 Day Trial

Smart Byte Guarantee

N. America, Europe

Device-aware optimization, client hints, in-app optimization

On-boarding support



for up to 625 GB of image Smart Bytes

For small and medium eCommerce sites needing fast, global performance and security

Free 30 Day Trial

Smart Byte Guarantee

Global CDN

All Basic features plus WAF, DDoS protection

On-boarding support



for over 625 GB of image Smart Bytes

For enterprise eCommerce and websites needing fast, global performance, security, analytics, and support.

Free 30 Day Trial

Smart Byte Guarantee

Global CDN

All Standard features plus multiple TLS/SSL certificates, enterprise analytics

Ticketed enterprise support

How Our Smart Image CDN Works

ImageEngine lets you resize images – FAST. Check out our video. ImageEngine is an image CDN that combines three tools into an easy-to-use service. It combines 1) Automatic Device Detection with 2) Image Optimization and 3) a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Just prefix your image source URLs with your ImageEngine account token – or use our WordPress or JavaScript plugins – and we will take it automatically from there. ImageEngine combines image resizing, cropping and compression, with ScientiaMobile’s WURFL mobile device intelligence, and delivers optimized images with CDN-type caching and speed. It also provides full reporting on the performance savings, which frequently results in over 40% reduction of payload size. For more information, see our getting started guide.

The Only Image CDN with Proactive Device Detection

There are plenty of image management tools and CDNs that resize images. But ImageEngine is the only image CDN that uses proactive device detection from WURFL to identify a user’s device. This means no delay and high accuracy – unlike slow javascript solutions. With accurate device information, ImageEngine can quickly and automatically drive image optimization to deliver to an image size, compression and file format that is tailored to the device.

The Smart Byte Difference: Improved Performance and Savings

What are Smart Bytes? We measure your image payload after ImageEngine dramatically reduces it. We call this optimized payload “Smart Bytes.” You pay based on only the improved performance and reduced payload provided by ImageEngine’s Smart Bytes. For example, a typical CDN will charge you for 1 GB of full image payload. But ImageEngine promises to reduce your image payload by at least 40% – or 0.6 GB of Smart Bytes. This means savings in your CDN bill. If ImageEngine does not reduce your image payload by at least 40%, then we will give you 3 months of service for free. We stand behind our performance.

World-Class CDN Delivers Speed, Security, and Geographic Reach

ScientiaMobile has partnered with nuu:bit to provide cutting edge speed, security, reliability, and reporting.  ImageEngine leverages nuu:bit’s open-edge server architecture to push mobile device detection, optimization, and caching as close to the end-user as possible. The result is a blazingly fast image CDN. And our CDN is a seamless part of the ImageEngine service, not an additional fee or service requiring more integration work.

Automatic image optimization: compression, resizing, and format conversion

ImageEngine delivers an image that is automatically optimized based on the device requesting the image. WURFL detects each device’s model and critical capabilities, including its screen dimensions and supported formats. It then automatically compresses, resizes, and changes format to generate an optimized. JPG, JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF and WEBP formats are supported.

Explicit resize and format conversion control

Designers can use ImageEngine’s setting parameters to explicitly control the resizing percent or format conversion for the output image.

Fit Methods

ImageEngine supports several methods that automatically resize an image to fit within specified width and height. These methods (box, letterbox, cropbox, stretch) take different approaches to resizing and cropping to make the image fit.

Magento and Shopify eCommerce Integration

eCommerce websites need image acceleration to improve the mobile experience, increase engagement, and execute an omni-channel strategy. Now, Magento platform users can use the ImageEngine Plug-in to improve their site’s speed by almost 60%. Likewise, Shopify users can easily integrate image resizing and the ImageEngine CDN. See how easy Shopify integration is here. Select the Basic, Standard, or Pro plan. Then we will supply you with a token and plug-in package, and you will see how easy it is.

WordPress and Drupal Integration

For WordPress site administrators, deploying ImageEngine is easy. Install a plugin to give WordPress control over using a CDN and direct your traffic using CNAME. Once the CNAME is configured, ImageEngine will dynamically pull the master images in WordPress and optimize the images for specific device models. This arrangement reduces image payload by over 60% and dramatically improves page load time.

Drupal sites can also integrate ImageEngine to speed up their images.

Plugins, Add-ons, and Modules for JQuery, AngularJS, Ember.js, React.js

We also support several Add-ons and modules for the JavaScript community. With our JQuery Plugin, AngularJS module, Ember.js Add-0n, and React.js Add-on,  you must sign up for the ImageEngine service, obtain an account token, and insert it into the Plugin/Add-on/Module. Once initialized, it will automatically optimize the full-sized original images for devices visiting the website. This will lead to improved image payload and faster performance.

Image Size and Data Transfers

ImageEngine scales with you.  We deliver billions of images for customers around the world, so we can handle the traffic your sites demand.

Commercial License

The ImageEngine license supports different commercial use scenarios (single and multiple domains, enterprise-wide use, intranets, and OEM arrangements). ScientiaMobile can extend pricing to support non-standard commercial agreements that require additional domains (e.g. OEM). Support of CNAME and customer SSL certificates requires a non-standard agreement. Please contact our sales for these arrangements.

Explicit Crop and Rotate

If ImageEngine users want to crop an image in using specific dimensions, then they can use setting parameters to control this. Likewise, ImageEngine supports various angles of rotation.

Full support of Client Hints

ImageEngine supports developers who are using Client Hints to control image resizing. ImageEngine can optimize images based on Client Hints such as DPR (device pixel ratio), Viewport-Width, and Width (device display width).

CNAME and customer SSL Certificates

As ImageEngine customers, you can configure the Domain Name Server (DNS) using the CNAME function to rename the ImageEngine service to reflect your own domain/hostname. This renaming of the ImageEngine service allows you to treat the service as if it was managed locally within your infrastructure. This allows for improved caching so ImageEngine cookies will not be presented as third-party cookies. Likewise ImageEngine customers can upload their own SSL certificates through their customer vault. Using these certificates, ImageEngine can use HTTPS to serve multiple domains via the CNAME alias. Both of these features require a non-standard agreement. Please contact our sales for these arrangements.

Help Desk and Support

ImageEngine users receive the same high level of support as other ScientiaMobile commercial products. Customers can submit priority tickets through our enterprise support portal.