Image Compression and Acceleration Potential for E-Commerce Sites

Image Compression and Acceleration Potential for E-Commerce Sites

E-commerce sites know that load speed = sales. Users of e-commerce sites frequently abandon if the page they request fails to load quickly. Oversized images are the leading cause of slow loading time. And image compression is a great solution.

Image Compression Testing

We wanted to know how much potential existed on e-commerce sites if they compressed and accelerated their images for mobile devices. We evaluated 314 e-commerce sites. On average, the pages we studied had 20 images on them. The original image payload on that single page was 1.3 Mb. Then, we used the ImageEngine Test to evaluate the site.
ImageEngine is a device-aware resizing CDN that can compress images dramatically without perceptibly degrading image quality. So, how much images payload savings is available?

Image Acceleration Results

After compression of the images, on average the image payload was reduced to only an average of 290 kb, or 78% acceleration. This indicates that many websites have huge untapped potential to improve their user experience by using image acceleration solutions like ImageEngine.
Ecommerce image compression potential

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