E-Commerce Image Resizing and Device Detection

automatic device detection and image optimization for mobile e-commerce

Use Automatic Device Detection and Image Optimization To Improve Mobile E-Commerce

E-Commerce sites can lose millions in lost revenue every second their site doesn’t load. With our E-Commerce solution bundles, we offer the most accurate automatic device detection in the industry to help you increase your sales, improve your customer experience, and provide faster mobile experiences.

Find the Right Plan for Your E-Commerce Site



  • WURFL InFuze
  • Server-level integration modules
  • Standard E-commerce WURFL Capabilities
  • ImageEngine image resizing CDN
  • Enterprise support


  • Includes Standard features plus:
  • Pro E-commerce WURFL Capabilities
  • MSRP Prices and Progressive Web App
  • iPhone/iPad model detection accuracy
  • WURFL InSight anaytics and BI integration
  • Architecture and integration services
  • Country-level Mobile Overview Report (MOVR)

Improve Your Mobile E-commerce Experience, Achieve Higher Conversion and ROI

The stakes are high for retailers trying to ensure mobile users can find, learn about, and purchase what they want. An optimized mobile experience means more than just Responsive Web Design (RWD). It means leveraging everything you can instantly detect about a mobile user. You can ensure than content is targeted, layout is clear, selection lists are prioritized, and purchases are tracked by device model. WURFL device detection can integrate into your e-commerce or CMS platform to drive an optimized mobile experience.

Increase Page Loading Speed by Over 60% with ImageEngine CDN

Mobile users will abandon your e-commerce site if they do not load quickly. E-commerce means selling with pictures. And images are the largest part of an e-commerce site’s payload. Proactively detecting device, resizing images, and delivering via an image CDN can accelerate page loading by over 60%. Using ImageEngine is the biggest improvement you make with little effort or expense. And we now offer plug-ins for leading e-commerce platforms, including our Magento image resizing plug-ing.

Gain Insight Into Mobile Users’ Technographic Behavior

IT and Marketing operation rely on Business Intelligence to drive their improvements. Without mobile device intelligence, you are missing insights into your mobile users’ technographic behavior.  With WURFL’s automatic device detection, you can drill down on the form factor, device model, operating system version, manufacturer, and over 500 other capabilities. And integration with your BI platform is easy with our add-on modules.

Analyze and Resolve Mobile Problems Faster

With mobile device detection, you can analyze trends in your Web traffic, identify opportunities, and pinpoint problems that are impacting specific mobile devices. E-commerce retailers can ensure that their web site works on every type of device.With faster trouble-shooting, you can implement a flawless omni-channel strategy with WURFL.

Enterprise Support

Our staff of full-time support professionals has over 30 years of device detection and operations experience. We provide 24/7 ticketed support for CDNs around the world, including the fastest response and resolution time in the industry.