Detect the New iPhone on Your Website

Detect the New iPhone on Your Website

The new iPhone is here, and WURFL.js now detects it in the wild!

Apple released the new iPhone in September. Our researchers are already detecting the new iPhone among the more than 2 billion other user agents per month they analyze. If you use WURFL.js, then you will start to see the new iPhone and all other iPhone models. Sign up to get our new iPhone 8 detection here.

How it will work

With a simple javascript snippet, WURFL.js can detect the new iPhone and push its device capabilities into your Google Analytics for even more analysis. Without WURFL.js, Google Analytics does not distinguish between iPhone models and identifies them all as “iPhone.” And we all know that the new iPhone will be very different than an iPhone 4. Learn more about getting started here.

If you start integrating WURFL.js now, once the official specifications are released from Apple, you will be able to see even more information.

If you use advertising, then identifying new iPhone users is valuable. iPhone users exhibit early adoption and a willingness to pay a high price for a smartphone. Advertisers can tap into this critical shopping profile information in real time with targeted ads.

The free version of WURFL.js will give you the device model and its form factor (e.g. smartphone). But WURFL.js Business Edition gives you access to rich details that you can push into Google Analytics (or other BI tools).